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Samsung Galaxy S6: Different Lock Screen Themes – Fliptroniks.com

While browsing through the different lock screens on the samsung galaxy s6 its clear some are more secure then others. The stock wipe screen lock screen is easily the most unsecure, but also the easiest to use with the least effort involved. The next lock screen is the pattern option which is actually one of my favorite to use. The pin password is also a pretty easy lock screen to use on your galaxy s6 that is also recommended. Then there password which is also a nice option, but can be a bit more time consuming to use since actual word typing is involved. Last but not least the fingerprint lock screen for your galaxy s6 is a cool feature but just doesn’t work so well. Its easy to setup but the recognition for using it is buggy to use. That wraps up all the different lock screen themes available for your samsung galaxy s6.

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