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Top 5 Apps That Pay You Cash 2018

Everyone wants to be making more money which is why we have compiled the top 5 apps that pay you cash in 2018. Some of these will be a little bit riskier than others but like the saying goes “you have to risk it for the biscuit”. Nothing in life comes easy or without taking risks, but with each one of these apps you can definitely raise your income up by at least $1000 a month […]

Super Ninja Boy Run App Review

Super Ninja Boy Run is one of those super addictive platform based games you cannot stop playing. With over 120 different levels chosen at random it will lock you in for hours of game play at a time. It has a theme based off of Super Mario Run, and overall the game plays pretty amazing. We will have some live game play you can check out below as well. Super Ninja Boy Run will have […]

MAGQI Wireless Car Charger Mount Review

The MAGQI Wireless Car Charger Mount is seriously one of the coolest car products I have ever owned. It has a custom design with some robot like features we will get into. If your currently in need of a new car charger this could be the one. We also have some live video you can check out below as we go over some of the benefits to using this accessory. 1. The MAGQI Wireless Car […]

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy S9 Case Review

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy S9 case offers great protection in a very thin format. Having been using Spigen cases for the last few years the Liquid Air Armor offers a great price point of around $12, and will not add any unnecessary bulk to your phone. It has a very cool customized pattern cut out on it, and also feels very nice to hold in your hand. We will have some live video […]

Tech Armor Lightning Earbuds Review

I was super excited to check out the Tech Armor Lightning Earbuds. They will work with any iphone currently, and give you the ability to charge your phone while using them. I had used them with an iphone x while working out and was extremely pleased on both the sound quality and comfortable fit they provided. You can check out some of our live video below on them as we highlight some of the many […]

Bovada Poker Tournaments On Mobile

Bovada poker tournaments on mobile are ridiculously fun to play. Currently this is one of the top destinations for anyone in the US to be playing online poker. They have been operating since 2012 and are backed by one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world Bodog. This makes them extremely reputable for fair play, security, and fast cash outs. We will have some live game play on them below you can check […]

Vandals App Review

For those who are into puzzle games Vandals brings its own unique approach. This game is turn based and has a spray paint theme which takes place in cities such as Paris, Tokyo, and New York. You will be dodging police officers in each level, and have to use your own artistic drawings to finish each different scenario. You can actually upload your paintings to any social site as you can see in our video below. […]

Best VPN For Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

If your looking for the best vpn for samsung galaxy s9 / s9 plus Expressvpn is our top pick. First of all lets explore some of the reasons why you should be using one. When it comes to privacy google will not be able to track you, if you download movies or torrents your service provider won’t be able to track your activity, and you can also access websites not available in your country. We […]

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S9 Case Review

The Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S9 case is a real thing of beauty. This is one of my favorite designs from Spigen that not only looks great, but at the same time feels amazing to hold in your hand. Its one of those cases that will make an impression on anyone who see’s you using it, and currently comes in 6 different colors. We will have a live review below you can check out as […]

XVIDA Wireless Charging Pad for Iphone X Review

The XVIDA Wireless Charging Pad for iphone x is one of the coolest accessories I have ever owned. It is essentially an accessory combo that comes with a magnetized case that also attaches to the wireless charger. I definitely have to give them props for coming up with such a cool idea since there is nothing else like it being sold currently. We will have some live video you can check out below as we go […]

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