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10 Reasons You Will Love The Galaxy S6

The galaxy s6 has been out for awhile now and its been very enjoyable to use. Here are the top 10 reasons you will love using this phone.

10 Reasons You Will Love The Galaxy S6

1. The s6 uses a Super AMOLED display that features Quad HD resolution that gives it some of the best photos and video or any phone currently out. It has a very high resolution that also makes everything look quite amazing whether your browsing the internet or using netflix on it your not going to find a better looking display.

2. You can use wireless charging on the galaxy s6 which is something you cannot do on older phones, and wireless charging in general is still a pretty new trend and a really nice feature for charging your phone.

3. Then there is the excellent battery life that you will get on the galaxy s6. I typically download tons of apps, and even with all of them running in the background this phone still holds a very good charge. Once it drains to about 30 percent it tends to go down a bit faster, but when its fully charged the galaxy s6 will last a long time before having to plug it in again.

4. The front facing camera on the galaxy s6 is also pretty amazing for taking selfies. It has a 5 mp front facing camera that is currently the top of any phone.

5. Not only is the back camera good but the front facing camera is pretty stellar at taking photos with a 16mp back camera. Its great for recording videos as well, and the photo editor is almost as good as instagrams.

6. The aluminum and glass design to the galaxy s6 makes it one of the best designs in the series. Finally with this design there is no more of the plastic cheapish material.

7. Samsung may have gotten rid of the sd card expanison, but the Galaxy S6 comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB (that’s better than the iPhone’s setup) and there are other ways to expand storage.

8. There are built in themes to the phone and even a theme store for different overall themes on the galaxy s6. This is something no older samsung smartphone can have on it. Its exclusive only to the galaxy s6 and galaxy s6 edge.

9. The Galaxy S6 comes in four colors including gold, black, white, and blue. This is pretty awesome because people like having more options to personalize the look of there phone.

10. Last but not least with the upgraded processor this makes the galaxy s6 one of the fastest phones currently for doing just about anything, and who doesn’t want top of the line!


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