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Top 3 Iphone Job Search Apps – Fliptroniks.com

If your looking for a new job these are the top 3 iphone job search apps. The first one is monster.com and should come to no suprise since this is one of the pioneers of job searching on desktop. They have been around for a long time, and are very good at what they do. When using this app you can upload your resume via drop box or google drive, and even manage your resume […]

Top 3 Iphone Real Estate Apps – Fliptroniks.com

When it comes to looking for real estate on your iphone there are three choices that come to mind. The first one is zillow. You can find homes and apartments for rent or sale on this app, and there are well over 1 million listings to choose from. They have every type of property from single-family homes, apartments, town homes, condos, and you can even sort by distance and location. The navigational layout on the zillow app […]

Ramboat Galaxy S6 – Fliptroniks.com

Ramboat is alot like jetpack joyride except your on a boat. Its action packed shooter where you need to shoot paratroopers, and dodge bombs to stay alive to keep going through each level. The learning curve to ramboat is very easy, and within seconds you will get the hang of it. It gets pretty challenging at times, but is also a great time killing game. You will be collecting coins in each level so you can […]

Top 3 Restaurant Apps For Android – Fliptroniks.com

If you love to eat then you should be using one of these top 3 restaurant apps for android. There are quite alot of different ones to choose from however we’ve nailed it down to the top 3. First on our list is yelp. Yelp has been around for quite along time and was sort of the pioneer in a restaurant site with reviews and a social appeal. This app lets you sort for local […]

Rip Zombie Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Rip zombie is a fairly new game game available on both the app and play store. It is a zombie shooting game with a puzzle twist. Its actually a very entertaining game and has a great soundtrack which makes the game even more enjoyable to play. The learning curve to this game takes about a minute, but after you get the hang of it you will start to put some serious game play into it. […]

Top 3 Android Movie Apps – Fliptroniks.com

Who doesn’t love a good movie app on there android phone. It sure beats browsing around google for a movie review. There are 3 great movie apps for android and the first one we want to get into is fandango. This is one of the top choices for one of the best android move apps. You can watch trailers of movies, check reviews, and even look for showtimes. This app will even let you browse […]

Best Calendar App for Galaxy S6 – Fliptroniks.com

The stock calendar app on your galaxy s6 works just fine, but its also very limited to what it can do. So we’ve chosen acalendar as one of the best choices for a calendar app on your galaxy s6. What makes this app so great are the unique features you can use on it. For example there are 3 different views for looking at your calendar. All of which will have a close up view […]

Top 3 Internet Browsers For The Galaxy S6 Edge – Fliptroniks.com

If your using the stock internet explorer on your galaxy s6 edge there are some other nice options you should be using. The first one is google chrome. Everything on chrome is nicely laid out and it actually runs and loads things faster as well. You can add favorites and all that other good stuff, but the really nice thing about chrome is how easy it is to use. Next is mozilla which is probably […]

Top 3 Iphone Security Apps – Fliptroniks.com

With all of the personal data we put on our iphones we definitely need to feel like its secure at all times to give us peace of mind. There are thieves out there who would love to compromise your iphone if they had the chance. Not too mention put some kind of virus or hack on it. Fortunately we have picked out 3 security apps for your iphone that will help you feel more protected. […]

Top 3 Restaurant Finding Apps for IPhone – Fliptroniks.com

When it comes to finding a good restaurant these days we just hop on our phone and head over to google to check reviews on restaurants nearby us. However there are some really good restaurant finding apps for your iphone that are popular and best of all free. These are our top 3 restaurant finding apps for your iphone. Our first is yelp which has been around for quite sometime and was the pioneer for […]

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