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The Dead Beginning Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On The Play Store The dead beginning is a third person zombie shooter with 2 game play modes. There is survival and story mode, but id definitely recommend doing the story mode first to get a feel for the game. If you enjoy killing zombies then this game is definitely for you. There are lots of cool guns in the game, and it can get pretty challenging quickly. Visually it looks great, but the […]

Sonic Runners Galaxy S6 Edge Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Sonic runners is a new sonic themed runner style game that sega recently released. Its got everything you would expect in a sonic game, and the overall experience is pretty fun. This is a free app so there will be some add popups here and there, and the load times in this game can be a bit long.   Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store […]

NBA Jam Galaxy S6 Edge Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Nba jam is a classic basketball game that looks and plays great on the galaxy s6 edge. Visually it looks better than the original, and the controls are very easy to use in this game. They actually update the rosters for nba jam so that the players are up to date on each team.   Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store There are 3 different […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: Adding Custom Ringtones – Fliptroniks.com

There are lots of ringtones to choose from on your galaxy s6 edge, but you may find you want to add a custom ringtone. You need to make sure you have the song you would like to use already downloaded onto your galaxy s6 edge then go to the settings. Next click on sounds and notifications and scroll down to ringtones. Once you click on ringtones you will see a long list of different options, […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: How To Turn Off Auto Predict / Auto Correct – Fliptroniks.com

The auto predict feature on your galaxy s6 edge can be helpful, or can be annoying depending on who you are. This is a stock feature that comes on every galaxy s6 edge. To turn off the auto predict feature simply go into the settings on your galaxy s6 edge and scroll down to language and input. Next click the third option in this section that says samsung keyboard. From in here you will see […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: Blocking Phone Number from Calling You – Fliptroniks.com

If you need to block someone from calling you on your galaxy s6 edge wether its a telemarketer or just someone annoying you its pretty simple. What you need to do first is click the phone option and click the more tab on the top right. Next click the settings option on your galaxy s6 edge and you will see an option that says call rejection. You need to click call rejection, and this will […]

Stupid Zombies 2 Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Stupid zombies 2 is a third person strategy zombie shooter. Its a level based game that is the second in the series and has quite alot of downloads. Stupid zombies 2 is available on both android and ios and is also free, but beware there are lots of ad pop ups in this game. The game quickly becomes pretty challenging after about the 4th level. You can […]

Galaxy S6 Edge Top 3 Features – Fliptroniks.com

The galaxy s6 edge has lots of cool features but we think these are the top 3. The first would be the body and design of the s6 edge. It has an all metal and glass body that gives it a super sharp look and style, but at the same time the phone is pretty fragile and if dropped will definitely crack so its a good idea to get a case on it. The next […]

Tiny Troopers 2 Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Tiny troopers 2 is a third person team based shooting game. It has a cartoon theme to it, and it works really well for this game. The learning curve to tiny troopers 2 takes less then a minute and by mission 3 you will be hooked. You will be making your way through the game adding more people to your squad, upgrading weapons, and blowing up lots […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Using Netflix – Fliptroniks.com

Its always interesting to see how netflix runs a new device, or whenever netflix has a new update. Running netflix on the galaxy s6 edge looks crisp and sharp. It can be a bit of an announce to see the curved edge making a glare when your trying to watch something, but the overall video quality is very good. Load times for watching movies or shows is fast, and fast forwarding to any part of […]

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