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Best Alarm Clock App for Iphone – Fliptroniks.com

As much as we hate alarm clocks we do have to admit they help us out quite a bit. If they didn’t we wouldn’t make it to work on time or miss important events we had previously scheduled. Which brings us to the importance of having an alarm clock app on your iphone. Our number one choice is called carrot alarm. This is one of the highest rated alarm clock apps for iphone on the […]

Best Calendar Apps for Iphone – Fliptroniks.com

If your using the stock calendar app on your iphone there are some better alternatives in the app store. Were going to go over the top 3 calender apps for your iphone. The first one is Fantastical 2 which is one of the top calendar apps in the app store. With this app you can see your events and reminders together in one main list. Another cool feature is that you can set dates, times, and […]

Best Weather App For Your Galaxy S6 – Fliptroniks.com

Using a good weather app for your galaxy s6 is a must. There are lots of different choices in the play store but weather bug is our favorite. It takes less then a minute to install and once installed it should set your city automatically, and if for some reason it doesn’t it takes a second to add your location. There are five main different options for this weather app that are all pretty useful. […]

Galaxy S6 Photo Editor Review – Fliptroniks.com

The galaxy s6 has one of the best cameras of any phone, but not much is said about the photo editor. Editing photos on the galaxy s6 is pretty easy. Once you take an image there is an edit option on the bottom right. Once you click edit there will be a few different options such as crop, brightness, and effect. Cropping an image to the size you like is very simple and easy. Changing […]

GI Joe Strike Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Gi joe strike is really the first decent gi joe game to come out on either the app or play store. However it really isn’t the best. Its essentially a tapping game where you will be attacking from right and left to kill enemies. The real problem I have with all of this is that it is so repetitive for the first few levels, and the same thing happens again as you make it another […]

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation – Galaxy S6 Gameplay Part 3 – Fliptroniks.com

In this final game play of mission impossible rogue nation we cleared a few more levels and got a bit deeper into the game. After giving it some serious game play the game has become a new favorite. It has lots of missions that will pop up each time you finish one. There are also new challenges in each mission, and the game has finally started to get a bit more difficult. Some of the […]

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation – Galaxy S6 Gameplay Part 2 – Fliptroniks.com

Mission impossible rogue nation has been alot of fun and it seems to be getting better the more we play it. This game was recently released by glu and there known for making excellent mobile games. Visually this game looks amazing and the soundtrack for the game is also excellent. There will be times in this game where you either have to use an assault rife or sniper. When using the sniper there are some […]

Top 5 Camera Apps For Your Iphone 6 Plus – Fliptroniks.com

If the built in camera app on your iphone 6 plus isnt enough the good news is there are some other nice options in the app store. The first camera app will be taking a look at is called Manual. It has advanced camera controls such as shutter, iso, white balance, focus, and exposure. This camera app can make some beautiful photos and is very easy to use. Download On Itunes Next is Proshot which is […]

Daily For Craigslist Android App Review – Fliptroniks.com

If your a craigslist junkie you should be using daily for craigslist. Its such an awesome app for craigslist that once you start using it chances are you wont even bother with the desktop version. Once you download it you have to set your location which takes just a second, and then you can start browsing the different categories. Everything on this app is laid out very nicely, and very easy to navigate. When your […]

Should You Buy An Apple Watch?

While there is absolutely no doubt people are interested in the apple watch the question remains should you buy one. What people don’t realize is that the apple watch is supposed to be an accessory to the iphone that makes it better. So the question should be put in this context. Do I need my Apple Watch? No. Does my Apple Watch make using my iPhone better? Yes. The apple watch can be used for important […]

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