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Pansonite VR Headset Review

For all you hardcore mobile gamers / 3d movie watchers the Pansonite VR Headset is pretty awesome. In our review we will be going over the build, design, and overall usability of this cool vr headset. It will will perfectly with just about every iphone and android phone on the market. This goes for even the biggest phones such as any plus or note series mobile device. We also have some live video below of […]

UAG Monarch Iphone 8 Plus Review

In our UAG Monarch iphone 8 plus review we will be going over some of the benefits to going with this higher end case. This is the higher end case for UAG compared to the plasma and trooper when it comes to the overall price point. Its also the most protective that they currently offer, and made with 5 layers of protection. As we go over some of what this case can do you can […]

Otterbox Defender Iphone 8 Plus Case Review

In our Otterbox Defender iphone 8 plus case review we will be going over what has made this series so popular over the years. The Defender has always been the prize pony high end case for Otterbox. It is a three piece case with a built in screen protector. It also comes with a cool little belt clip that you can also use as a phone stand. This is also going to be one of […]

UAG vs Otterbox for Iphone 8 Plus

We have a good one for you with our UAG vs Otterbox for iphone 8 plus comparison. While both these cases come from two completely different brands they do share some of the same characteristics. Both offer great protection, come with a relatively same price point, and have some great style to them. We will also have some live video you can check out below on each case. 1. The first thing we have to […]

UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus Case Review

In our UAG Plasma Iphone 8 Plus case review we will be highlighting some of the amazing features and benefits to using this case. Up until now I had never had the chance to use a UAG branded case. I had seen the name once or twice online before, but never had the chance to actually check one out. For those not familiar with this brand or series the Plasma is one of there most popular […]

Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker has some great high def sound and bass. For those not familiar with Aomais they have some of the coolest looking designed speakers I have personally ever seen. This is a mid price range speaker that is great for outdoors, a bathroom, living room, office, or bed room. It is actually water proof and comes in 5 different colors. This little speaker was everything we expected and more which is […]

5 Best Headphones For LG V30

If your looking for the best headphones for LG V30 we have 5 top picks. While there is nothing wrong with the headphones that come with this phone the truth is you can find much better. We are going to be going over some of the best picks we have personally used to give you that great sound quality for listening to music and watching videos. These types of accessories also make a nice investment […]

The Scrungeon Depths App Review

The Scrungeon Depths is a super fun arcade style action game. After playing this game for about 2 minutes you will get the vibe of just how addicting it is. It is a level based game that is also never ending putting it in the highest score game category. We have some live game play on it below you can check out as well. Scrungeon Depths as we already mentioned is a level based game […]

Silk Iphone 8 / 8 Plus Wallet Case Review

The Silk iphone 8 / 8 plus wallet case is one amazing looking accessory. Its unique design is unlike any other credit card type of case you will find online. It has a high grip textured design that feels great to hold in the palm of your hand. Its compatible with wireless charging, and will also allow you to stash away 3 credit cards at a time. These are just a few of the benefits […]

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 App Review

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 is a solid new edition to this already legendary series. Its a continuation from the first Dimensions game, but is not a continuation to the story line of that game. This is a straight role playing game with turn based fighting sequences. You will have to fight your way through hordes of enemies that comes in waves. Each wave typically gets harder than the last with boss fights as well. We […]

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