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VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder Review

The VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder is one cool little car accessory. This being the first time I had ever used a magnetic holder I was fairly impressed. It will have no issues fitting some of the largest and newest iphones or samsungs. We will be going over some of the benefits to using this holder, and also have some live video below you can check out as well. One of the first things we always […]

Best Medium Bluetooth Speaker 2018

If your looking for the best medium bluetooth speaker in 2018 the Aomais Sport 2 is where its at. This is easily one of the best mid range speakers I’ve ever used with some high def sound, superior molded design, and its also waterproof. This company really does make some gorgeous looking speakers which is the first thing that will strike you when looking at this one. We will be going into more detail on […]

Animus Stand Alone App Review

Animus Stand Alone is easily one of the best third person action rpg games to come out for sometime. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good this game was after playing it for only a couple of minutes. It starts off with a very cool story line that has its own cut scene trailer. We have some live game play below you can check out, but will also be covering some of the other […]

Top 5 Money Making Apps For Iphone 2018

If your looking for the best money making apps for iphone 2018 we have 5 top picks. Each one of these will put some extra cash in your pocket, and can also be extremely fun to use. A few of these will require you to have some skills, and a couple of them will be more passive ways to earn money. We also have a live video on each method below as well. 1. Our […]

Top 5 Best Paid IOS / Iphone Games 2018

If your looking for the best paid ios / iphone games in 2018 we have 5 top picks. Each one of these games is absolutely worth skipping out on some coffee or gas money. 1. Our first top pick is Assassins Creed Identity. This game is the closest thing to a console version Assassins Creed game on mobile making it one of the best open world games you can play. It looks amazing visually and […]

Sonic Runners Adventure App Review

Sonic Runners Adventure is the game we have been waiting for. This brings back the classic console platform jumping goodness that made the original so compelling. It is a runner style based game which makes it very easy to get your groove on. This game also has the classic sonic music from the original which I was also a big fan of. We will have our live video review below, but will also be going […]

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50 2018

If your looking for the best bluetooth speakers under $50 2018 we have two solid picks. Each one of these will blow you away with the high quality hd sound and bass they pump out. If your on a budget both of these choices will be well below the fifty mark giving you some extra cash to keep shopping. We have some live video of each of them in action below, but will also go […]

Best VR Headset For Iphone X / 8 Plus

If your looking for the best vr headset for iphone x / 8 plus the Pansonite is where its at. Being able to play vr games and watch 3d videos on your iphone is simply amazing. Having personally gone through a few of these vr headsets I have found this one to be my favorite. It is very comfortable on its overall fit, very light weight compared to other options, and of course has a very […]

Anker Powerport Wireless 5 Stand Review

The Anker Powerport Wireless 5 Stand is an elegantly designed accessory. The first thing that struck me when taking it out of its packaging was how sleek and stylish it looked. Having personally used over 10 different wireless charging stands this one easily ranks in my all time top 3. Anker is also one of the most well known brands in the cell phone charging space for the last 5 years. We will be going […]

Top 5 Best Iphone Lenses 2018

If your looking for the best iphone lenses 2018 we have 5 top picks. For those to yet use one of these amazing little camera accessories they make a huge difference in picture quality from a detail and wide angle perspective. They will basically take your iphone photography game to the next level and beyond. Each one of these will be compatible with even the newest iphone x / 8 plus and older, and is […]

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