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3 Iphone Apps That Help You Save Money 2018

If your looking for some awesome iphone apps to help you save money in 2018 we have 3 top picks. These apps will change the way you feel about money, and also make you more disciplined at managing your own personal finances. They can also invest money for you on auto pilot which can help build your own personal net-worth. As a matter of fact our first pick will grow your money for you on the daily with little to no risk.

1. Acorns is by far my favorite on our list. This app has a unique way of taking money on both a recurring and round up model. For example you can set it to transfer money daily, weekly, or monthly. You will also have the ability to use round ups which take money from debit card purchases and take any cents to the nearest dollar, and will then automatically put it into your acorns account. This is not only one of the best iphone apps to help you save money in 2018, but it will also invest the money for you passively. It takes any money you put into it, and puts it into safe mutual funds and etf’s. Basically you can make 1-2 percent on your money with little to no risk when using acorns. You can also get a free $5.00 when you sign up through our link below.

2. Our next best iphone app that helps you save money 2018 is Qapital. This app has a very cool way of helping you set goals to save money. It will automatically connect to your checking account to make transfers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can then set goals to save for certain events, or purchases you plan to make in the future. While there is no investing option on this app it still works very well, and continues to expand its user base on ios. There is a monthly fee of $2.99 to use it, but in the long run its definitely worth it.

3. Our last best iphone app that helps you save money in 2018 is Ebates. This is one of my favorite shopping apps that you would have to be an idiot not to use. We all at some point are going to buy something online at one of our favorite stores. When you open the Ebates  app up and find the store you want to shop at you simply click the link which will have a percentage underneath it. This percentage is a cash back opportunity that is automatically tracked by Ebates which will then give you free money back on your purchase. Like I said you would be an idiot not to use this since it is free money back in your pocket.

If you were looking for the best iphone apps that help you save money in 2018 we hope you enjoyed our picks. Acorns is by far my favorite, but our other 2 runner ups are worth a look as well.

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