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5 Apps That Make You Money On Autopilot

If your looking for apps that make you money on autopilot we have 5 top picks. Just about everyone in the world wants to make some easy passive money without doing anything. While you will have to do some initial work to get these income streams running, once setup you can definitely make some money without putting in much effort.

1. Our first top pick is an investment app called Acorns. Basically how this app works is it takes money left over on debit / credit card purchases and siphons it into your account. You can also setup recurring and one time deposits. Once money goes into your account Acorns takes it and invests it into low risk mutual funds and ETFS. This will allow you to start earning money in your sleep which is what its all about. Upon signing up through the link below you will be eligible for a $5 dollar one time bonus.

2. The next best app that makes you money on autopilot is Swagbucks. This is my all time favorite earn points to cash app that is extremely reputable and easy to earn with. Swagbucks has a few different methods for earning such as watching videos, using there built in search engine, playing games, and using shopping links. Once you do enough of these things you would normally do anyways you will collect points which you can turn into paypal cash, amazon cash, visa cash, or even itunes money. This is another must download.

3. Robinhood has become the go to stock trading app for all ios / android users. Stock trading can be one of the best methods for earning money on autopilot. Basically you buy shares of any company that pays dividends such as Starbucks, and you wait for quarterly earnings to gain more shares which equals more money. While I am simplifying this stock trading is one of the best ways to build your wealth somewhat passively overtime.

4. Another one of the best apps that makes you money on autopilot is Ebates. Pretty much everyone is going to do some online shopping at one point or another. When you click a shopping links through Ebates you will be able to get free money back on purchases you would have made otherwise. This is another must download because if your not using it your simply leaving money on the table.

5. Our last best app that makes you money on autopilot is Coinbase. This is my go to cryptocurrency trading app that is used by over 20 million people worldwide. Similar to stock trading this is a market you can buy into low and try to sell high at a later time. While I think this market is just getting started its another great way to start investing for both the short and long term into the crypto market.


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