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5 Apps That Make You Money While You Sleep 2019

If your looking for some apps that will help you make money while you sleep in 2019 you’ve come to the right place. In an ever changing world new opportunities continue to represent themselves. If you put in some upfront work you can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day with all of these methods combined. We will also have some video directly below showcasing how each one works.


1. One of the best ways to earn money while you sleep in 2019 is with Robinhood. This is a zero commission stock trading app that can help you earn on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. What you want to look for is dividend paying stocks that pay you each quarter just for owning that particular company. You will have to say up some money to start seeing decent returns, but once you get this going its like having a little cash machine that works for you everyday for the rest of your life.

  • Zero Commission Trading
  • No Minimums To Start
  • Great Way To Build Wealth

2. Since were on the topic of investment apps Acorns is another great way to earn passively. This is our pick for the best robo advising app that automatically invests money for you. They have a subscriber base of over 5 million, and a strong community behind them. You are not going to get rich using Acorns, but it can help you earn an extra 2-5 percent on your money.

  • Earn 4-6 Percent On Your Money
  • No Investing Experience Needed
  • Card Roundups on Purchases

3. If you want to make some serious money while you sleep in 2019 affiliate marketing will do the trick. This method alone has helped me personally make hundreds of dollars a day. We recommend you sign up at Affilorma which is a training site to help you get started. They have over 20 free videos to help you learn, and some great paid content if you think its something you might want to pursue.

  • Great Content To Learn Affiliate Marketing
  • Both Free / Paid Content
  • Strong Reputation

4. We simply have to recommend you at least dabble with crypto currency trading. Right now Coinbase is our top choice for trading some of the major crypto’s. It has over 20 million members, and will insure you up to 250k. Similar to stock trading you can make money holding for both the long and short term. Creating an account is completely free which you can do here.

  • Over 20 Million Members
  • Great for Crypto Investing
  • Low Fee’s

5. Our final app that will help you make money while you sleep in 2019 is Inbox Dollars. This is currently my favorite points to cash app that allows you earn through a variety of different ways. You can watch videos, play games, take surveys, and refer friends. It can help you make an extra $50-$150 a month with little effort on your part. If you want more ways to earn check out some more resources here.

  • Free To Download
  • Easy Way To Earn $50-$200 a Month
  • Fast Cash Outs
  • Play Games / Watch Videos To Earn


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