5 Best Apps To Make Passive Income 2020

If you’re looking for apps to make passive income in 2020 we have 5 top picks. Using each one of these can easily sky rocket your income to over $100 a day when used correctly. It’s impossible for me to promise or guarantee results, but I can tell you together I currently pull in over 10k a month with these methods combined. While you might have to put in a little work to get them started you will see how truly passive each one of these can become. You can almost say its set and forget. So let’s get started.

1.  It takes courage to try something new. It’s never easy to change your life and in my experience it takes a little bit of time. Right now in 2020 you should give affiliate marketing a try. Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product online and earn a small commission. This can be done via a blog, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, or Instagram. I currently make money from posts from over 3 years ago. Its completely passive! If you decide to go this route you should register a domain name / website which you will need later on. I currently use Blue Host which only costs $3.95 a month. You can search for a domain name here.

  • Having a Website Is a Must
  • Only $3.95 To Grab a Domain
  • Used By Millions

2. If you’re looking for apps to make passive income in 2020 consider this part 2 to our above option. Click Bank University is the training I recommend using if you want to get started with affiliate marketing. They have over 70,000 students, and are the best resource online for getting started in this category. It’s also a lot easier to learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about opposed to trying to figure it all out yourself. You can get started here.

  • Learn From The Best
  • 70k Students
  • World Class Training

3. Once you start making someone passively with affiliate marketing its time to stock trade. My current favorite stock trading app is Robinhood. I have been using this app now for the last 4 plus years. Stock trading is a must if you want to grow your money over time. They offer zero commission trading which will allow you to start with as little as $5. I would however recommend saving up at least $1000 before making your first deposit.

  • Number 1 Stock Trading App
  • No Fee’s
  • Watch Your Money Grow

4. Another app that can help grow your money is Acorns. This is my favorite robo advisor which allows you to invest spare change or setup recurring deposits. This is truly a set and forget way to make money doing nothing. Acorns takes your money and invest it into low risk mutual funds. From what I’ve seen you can make anywhere from 4-6 percent on any money you put into the app. It does currently cost $1 a month to use.

  • Earn 4-6% On Your Money
  • Automatic Investing
  • $1 a Month To Use

5. Our last best app to make passive income in 2020 is Coinbase. This is my favorite cryptocurrency investing app that I’ve also been using for the last 3 plus years. The app itself is very user friendly, and feels almost like an extension of Robinhood except for crypto. Some might say investing in cryptocurrency is risky, but I say it’s the future. If you enjoyed this list of apps to make passive income you can check out some more great picks here.

  • Invest In Crypto
  • Used By Over 20 Million People
  • Crypto Is The Future Get a Piece Of It


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