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5 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers 2018

If your looking for the best bluetooth shower speakers 2018 we have 5 top picks. Nothing is better than throwing on some music when your about to jump in the shower. For whatever reason it just seems to put you in a great mood for whatever you need to do right after. Each one of these speakers we will be going over is an accessory we have personally used and test. These all have some amazing high def sound even when completely soaking wet.

1. Our first best bluetooth shower speaker 2018 is the Aomais Ball. This speaker has a clever design in the shape of a ball, and an attachment that allows you to hook it from your shower head. It weighs 8 ounces making it relatively light weight and also comes in 5 different colors. The thing that will impress you most about this speaker is the amazing bass that comes out of it even when dripping wet. This can also be used as a desk or counter speaker since it has a built in upright stand.

2. The next pick is the VicTsing shower speaker. This has a very light weight design at 6 ounces, and an easy clasp attachment for your shower overhead. It comes in 3 different colors, and has a built in rechargeable battery that supports up to 6 hours of play back. The sound on this speaker is pretty amazing as well, and can also be great for outdoors.

3. Our next best bluetooth shower speaker 2018 is the Soundbot. This item has a suction cup design which will allow you to post it up anywhere in your bathroom. It also has some built in features on the front of it for skipping tracks and overall audio control. It comes in 10 different colors giving you some serious options, and is very light weight at 5.6 ounces. It has around 6 hours of play back time, and also pumps out some smooth hd audio as well.

4. Our next pick is the Gideon. This is easily one of my favorite designed speakers on this list which comes in 5 different colors. This speaker also uses a suction cup which will have no issues sticking firmly anywhere you place it in your shower. It has some amazing high def audio, and is very light weight as well at 6 ounces. You also get extra features for skipping tracks, pausing, and even answering calls through your phone which is pretty cool. This is a super slicked designed speaker that will give you 10 hours of play back time before needing a charge.

5. The last best bluetooth shower speaker 2018 comes from ifoxcreations. This is yet another suction cup designed speaker that is fully waterproof, plays some seriously amazing sound, and currently a best seller. It has front facing audio control that will also allow you to take phone calls, and is very light weight at 6 ounces. As far as the sound on this its very loud, and will still play audio smoothly even when submerged in water. It has a long batter life of around 10 hours making it yet another great option.

If you were looking for the best bluetooth shower speaker 2018 we hope you enjoyed this list. You should seriously consider grabbing one since listening to music while in the shower will seriously put you in a better mood when you start your day!

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