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5 Best Car Mounts for Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus

If your looking for the best car mount for Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus we have 5 top picks. These types of accessories are a must for driving safely while using your phone. With each one of these you will be able to put your phone in both portrait and landscape. You can also attach them to your dash or windshield. We will have a video review on our top pick below as we get into this list.

1. Our current top choice for the best car mount for Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus is the iOttie Easy One Touch 4. This is a suction cup designed mount that you can attach to your dash or windshield. It has an easy to use clamp mechanism which locks and releases. It also comes with an extendable arm, and will give you complete 360 degree rotation while driving. With a price tag of around $30 its a must buy.

2. One of my all times favorites is the Spigen Stealth. This is a one piece car dash mount. The design on it is pretty much flawless with a two tone blue and black rubber matte finish. The only downside to going with this option is that you can only put your phone into landscape. Even so its a pretty slick mount that will run you under $20.

3. If you had any interest in our top choice you could always opt in for the wireless charging version. This is the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charging Mount. It has all of the same features as our first option, but gives you the ability to charge your phone. It costs a little bit more at around $50 currently.

4. Another one of the best car mounts for Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus is the VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder. This is a one piece magnetic design that is super cool. You can attach it to your dash with its sticky pad, and then attach the magnetic piece to your phone. It has a super strong magnetic connection, and currently comes in four different colors. If your looking for something a bit smaller that won’t take up a lot of space in your car this is an awesome option. It sells for around $20.

5. Our last pick for the best car mount for Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus is the upgraded Spigen Turbulence. This is another one piece design that will allow you to put your phone into landscape only. You simple open it up and prop your phone into place. It will give you a couple of different angle options once you place your phone inside it. Its another great option that sells for around $20.

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