5 Best Car Mounts For Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

If your looking for the best car mounts for galaxy s9 / s9 plus we have 5 top picks. Using one of these accessories will make taking calls, navigating with your gps, or even responding to messages much more safer while driving. Since these will also be universal with any phone you use now or in the future they make a great car accessory investment. While your going through this list you can also take a shot at winning a new galaxy phone for free through this sweepstakes.

1. Our first best car mount for galaxy s9 / s9 plus comes from Doca. This is a car holder that will also give you the to charge your phone when placed in it. While this concept is starting to catch on Doca got it right. There is an adjustable grip for placing your phone in which you can also rotate 360 degrees. You can easily turn your phone from portrait to landscape while driving, and use its sticky pad to place on your dash or windshield. To top things off it comes with a nice 1 year warranty.

2. Our next top pick is the IOttie Easy One Touch 4 which is has an amazing design. It uses a lock and release feature to place your phone in, and has extra layered protection if your not using a case. There is an extended arm on this car holder that will give you an extra 8 inches of movement. It has 360 degree rotation, an easy to use suction cup that won’t leave any residue, and a nice 1 year warranty.

3. The next best car mount for galaxy s9 / s9 plus comes from Mpow. This holder comes in 3 different colors, has an easy to use lock and release to place your phone into, and an extendable arm of 6 inches. You will also get some nice layered protection when using this, and it uses a suction cup you can place firmly onto your cars dashboard.

4. The Spigen Stealth is one of my favorite mainly because its so easy to use. This is a very unique design unlike anything else we have covered that comes in only 1 piece. It has a two tone color design of black and blue, a sticky pad on the bottom of it, and an opening feature to place your phone in. To use this its as simple as opening it and placing your phone inside and your all set. While it does have its drawbacks its been something I have used for over the last year on a regular basis.

5. Our last best car mount for galaxy s9 / s9 plus once again goes to IOttie. This is there wireless fast charging mount that will also charge your phone. It is very similar to the first choice we gave on them with an extendable arm, lock and release for your phone, and its suction cup feature. It will cost a little bit more but if your also looking for a charger this would make a great combo.

If you were looking for the best car mounts for galaxy s9 / s9 plus we hope you enjoyed this list. These types of car accessories are great investments for safer driving that can prevent accidents later down the road.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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