5 Best Car Mounts for Moto G6 / G6 Plus

If your looking for the best car mount for Moto G6 / G6 Plus we have 5 top picks. These types of car accessories are a must have, and also make a great investment since they are universal with all phones. They help you take calls safely, navigate, or even check a quick email.

1. Our first top pick is the iOttie Easy One Touch 4. This has an amazing design to it and allows you to attach it to either your dash or windshield with its suction cup. It has a very firm grip on whatever you choose to apply it too, and also has 360 degree rotation once you lock your phone into place. The actual phone holder on here has a nice rubber matte finish to it, and a lock release feature to place your phone into. It also has an extendable arm you can use, and currently has a 1 year hassle free warranty.

2. Our next best car mount for Moto G6 / G6 Plus is the VAVA Magnetic Dashboard Mount. This has a really cool design and concept that really impressed me the first time I had used it. Basically it comes with a magnet you attach to the back of your phone, and then it will lock into place once applied. You can then operate your phone from 360 degree angles all with one hand. The magnet on here is super strong so you won’t have to worry about your Moto G6 falling or slipping off of it.

3. The Spigen Stealth is one of my all time favorites. This has a unique one piece design with cutout edges and a smooth matte finish. The inside of it is made with a hard rubberized material that is both black and blue. All you have to do is attach the sticky pad on its bottom to any car dash, and then simply open it to place your phone into. There are 2 slots you can choose from for different viewing angles, and like I said its definitely one of my personal favorites to use in the car.

4. Another one of the best car mounts for Moto G6 / G6 Plus is the Mpow Dash Mount. This has an easy to use setup where you attach the sticky gel pad to your dash and then place your phone inside it. It has an easy to use lock / release feature, and 360 degree rotation to view your phone from while driving. This one is definitely worth checking out, and is currently our number 1 budget pick.

5. Our last pick for the best car mount for Moto G6 / G6 Plus is the iOttie Magnetic Air Vent. It comes with 2 pieces that allow you to magnetize the back of your phone in order to keep it attached while driving. It is pretty awesome since it attaches to your air vent, and will take up a lot less room in your car. This is yet another unique design worth checking out.

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