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5 Best Charging Backpacks 2018

If your looking for the best charging backpacks in 2018 we have 5 top picks. These types of bags are a great cross between fashion and technology coming together. They come with built in chargers, are water resistant, great for taking to the office, or even for travel purposes. You can use them to charge phones, laptops, gaming systems, and small notebooks while on the go.

1. Our first recommended choice is Sami Tudio. This bag comes in 3 different colors, has 10 compartments, and a built in usb charging port. It is weather resistant being made with high quality polyester material making it very durable. It can fit a laptop up to the size of 15.6 inches, and hold well over 5 pounds with no issues. The thing I really love most about this backpack is its clever design. It has lots of hidden compartments and great value for the price point.

2. Our next best charging backpack 2018 comes from MR YLLS. While I cant say much about the name of this brand this backpack is very slick. It has a cool flip down design that will allow you to cover up the zipper. It has a built in usb charger, lots of compartments, and can hold a laptop up to the size of 16 inches. Its also water resistant, great for business, or just everyday errands. One other great feature on this backpack is its high end metal strap buckle. Most other bags use plastic, but the strap on this has more hardness making it much more durable.

3. Our next backpack comes from Sosoon. For anyone looking for a more traditional looking bag this one nails it. You can hardly tell from its design that it is charging compatible. It is made of high quality polyester making it tear resistant and also water proof. The straps on this bag are extremely comfortable and a bit wider than our first two choices. This is a great bag for everyday life, school, business, or a weekend trip.

4. Our next top 5 best charging backpack 2018 comes from UNIWALK. This bag has a nice fashionable design and comes in 5 different colors. If I had to pick one I would probably go with the blue since it looks super slick. This backpack is charging compatible, has a 2 tone color, waterproof, and comes with an 12 month warranty. You really can’t beat the design on this one making it another really nice option.

5. Last but not least we have the Ibagbar. You can get this backpack in 2 different colors both of which look fantastic. This bag is weather resistant, has reinforced zippers, and easy to use usb ports for charging. It can hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches, and has lots of compartments to keep your personals in. It also has padded straps for extra comfort, is great for business, traveling, and just everyday life.

If you were looking for the best charging backpacks 2018 we hope you enjoyed our top 5 picks. Each one of these has a great design, is water resistant, and will keep you charging while on the go!

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