5 Best Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Camera Accessories

If your looking for the best galaxy s9 / s9 plus camera accessories we have 5 top picks. These types of accessories can take your phone photography game to the next level. They can help you capture much more detail, take clearer shots, and give you wider angled pictures. These will also be universal with other phones making them great camera investments as well.

Our first best galaxy s9 / s9 plus camera accessory is the Amir Lens. This lens has a great aluminum alloy design, a coating on it to prevent fingerprint smudges, and the ability to take ultra wide angle shots. It will also give you a zoom up to 15x allowing you to capture much more detail you might not have otherwise gotten. It has the perfect fit for either phone with an easy to use clip on feature. It sells for around $30 and will make a big difference in overall picture quality.

2. They Aukey Ora is another great lens with an all aluminum alloy design. It has nice etched cutouts on its sides that make it easy to grip. It also comes with a nice protective lens cap when not in use, and an easy to use clip on feature to place on your phones back camera. You will be able to get up to 15x zoom and the ability to take wide angled shots when using it. It sells for a similar price of around $25 and is pretty darn awesome.

3. Anyone looking for the best galaxy s9 / s9 plus camera accessories is going to need a great tripod. One of our favorites is the Claw which comes in 4 different colors. It has 360 degree rotation and completely bendable legs. You can maneuver this tripod to get any type of angle you want for getting the perfect shot. Placing your phone inside of it is easy with a clamping mechanism. Its small enough to carry around when need be, but also great for preventing blurry photos / videos.

4. If you were not impressed with the Claw then the KingJoy is another nice option. It has a slightly smaller price tag, completely bendable legs, and 360 degree rotation. It has durable metal covered with soft foam making this a quality tripod. It is very light weight and easy to carry around as well.

5. Our last best galaxy s9 / s9 plus camera accessory is the Xenvo. This is the highest rated lens on our list that comes with an attachable led light. It can help you take great night photos, will give you the ability to get up to 12.5x zoom, and has an easy to use clip on feature. It will fit both phones perfectly, and will of course raise the bar on your phone photography game. It sells for around $30 making it yet another great camera investment.


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