5 Best Gaming Controllers for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus

If your looking for the best gaming controllers for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus we have 5 top picks. These types of accessories are great for games like PUBG and Fortnite. They will however work with just about any mobile game making them a great long term gaming investment. We will have a video on our current top choice being the Beboncool which you can learn more about here.

1. For all you mobile gamer’s out there say hello to the Beboncool. This is a smooth matte finish two handed controller that is one word amazing. It gets around 10 hours of battery life, and is very light weight to hold for long periods of time. Placing your phone in it is very easy as it extends outwards. It has rubber casing on the sides of it to protect your phone when its in place. You will also need to download an app from the play store to connect via blue tooth. This is our current top pick that sells for around $40.

  • Great Battery Life
  • Fits Every Phone
  • Nice Two Handed Design
  • Current Top Choice
  • Costs Slightly More

2. The next best gaming controller for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus is the CHENGDAO. This design is a bit different than our previous pick with a pop up insert. It will have no issues fitting any size phone, and feels great to hold two handed. Battery life is also around 10 hours on this phone, and it also comes with a 30 day money back warranty. It sells for around $30.

  • Easy To Insert Phone
  • Great Battery Life
  • Nicely Designed
  • Pairing Times Can Be Slow

3. Our next best gaming controller for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus is the Bounabay. The design on this one has a black smooth matte finish. It also extends outwards for placing your phone into. One of its biggest selling points is that it gets around 80 hours of battery life. You can pick this one up for right around $40.

  • Nice Matte Finish Design
  • Pairs Quickly
  • Fits Every Phone
  • Spring Is a Little Wimpy

4. The ESYWEN is another controller worth a look. It has another outwards design with extra padding on its sides to protect your phone. You can get around 10 hours of battery life while using it. This is also a very easy to grip controller making it great to play for long gaming sessions. You can pick it up for right around $40.


  • Connects Quickly
  • Nice Two Handed Design
  • Light Weight
  • Buttons Respond Quickly
  • Hard To Use With a Case

5. The last best gaming controller for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus goes to Flydigi. This controller has a design concept that almost looks like a Nintendo gaming console. However its pretty incredible for a hardcore mobile gamer. It currently sells for around $50 and worth a look.


  • Great Battery Life
  • Fits Every Phone
  • Easy To Use Buttons
  • Slightly Pricey


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