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5 Best Gaming Controllers for Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus

If your looking for the best gaming controllers for Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus we have 5 top picks. Mobile gaming has evolved with games like COD Mobile, PUBG, and many other controller friendly games hitting the market. If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer investing in one of these is a must. The good news is that there universal with just about every phone out. So lets get right into it.

1. Our first top pick goes to the Mobicon. This has become a personal favorite that has an amazing extended outwards design. The controller comes in a matte black finish and is great for gripping 2 handed. In total it comes with 12 buttons all of which perfectly for a wide range of games. It gets around 12 hours of battery life, and is the perfect companion for any controller support mobile game. It currently cost $99 and worth every penny. You can grab yours here.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Top Selection
  • COD Mobile/PUBG/Fortnite/and More

2. The Beboncool is our next best gaming controller for Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus. The design on this one is similar to our first pick. It extends outwards allowing you to place your phone in it quickly. It comes with a built in Android button you press for quick connecting. Once connected you can expect to get around 10 hours of battery life before needing a re charge. It currently sells for around $45.

  • Extends Outwards
  • Great for Gripping
  • Good Battery Life

3. The Razer Junglecat is another solid controller that also extends outwards. It has a rubberized feel to it that makes it great for gripping two handed. You will notice it comes with green energy bar light that gives it a long lasting battery life of over 16 hours. It also comes with a built in app to help with connecting to certain games. Its another solid pick that sells for around $99.

  • Extends Outwards
  • Comes With An App
  • 16 Hours Battery Life

4. Some people might prefer a flip up design which is why Rotor Riot made our list. This is another one of the best gaming controllers for Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus worth a look. The controller extends upwards allowing you to place your phone upright. It has the feel of using an Xbox controller or at least feels very comparable. Never the less it works with lots of battle royale type games, and gets around 10 hours of battery life. You can pick this one up for around $40.

  • Flips Upwards
  • Feels Like An XBOX Controller
  • Works With 99 Percent of Games

5. Our final pick goes to Bounabay. This is another controller with an extended outwards design. It has a smooth blue matte finish and very good for gripping. Its case friendly and gets around 12 hours of battery life. Connecting times are fast since it pairs quickly, and 99 percent of the games you play with it will be responsive. It currently sells for right around $40.

  • Extends Outwards
  • Has Good Grip
  • 12 Hours of Battery Life

We hope you enjoyed our list for 5 of the best gaming controllers for Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus. It simply can’t be overstated that mobile gaming is evolving. We are now at the point of turning our phones into mini gaming consoles. Being a hardcore mobile gamer myself I would highly recommend you invest in one of these accessories asap!


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