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5 Best Gimbals for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus

by Fliptroniks

If your looking for the best gimbals for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus we’ve got you covered. These types of accessories are great for taking pictures and stabilizing video. Whether your an Instagram photographer, or a Youtuber these accessories can definitely come in handy. They are also universal with every phone making them a great investment.

1. Our first top pick goes to the DJI Osmo 2. The design on this gimbal is nearly flawless. It has a smooth matte finish rubberized handle that feels great to grip one handed. It has an easy to use clamp to place your phone into. You will also get 360 degree rotation once your phones placed inside it for both portrait and landscape shooting. It comes with special features for time in motion, active tracking, and cinematic zoom control. With up to 15 hours of battery life this is our current top choice with a price point of around $100.

  • Nice Rubber Handle
  • Built In Pause / Play Features
  • Solid Battery Life
  • No Warranty

2. The next best gimbal for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus goes to Zhiyun Smooth. This has an easy to use handheld design that also turns into a tripod. It also has an integrated control panel for video recording and taking photos. When your using it in the tripod format it has exceptional balance. You can expect to get around 10 hours of battery life on it. It currently sells for around $95.

  • Nice Design
  • Play / Pause Features
  • Good Price Point
  • Battery Life Could Be Better

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3. The Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus is another solid accessory for stabilizing video. It has a nice rubberized handle which makes it great for gripping. You can also use it as a tripod when needed. It gets 360 degree rotation when your phone is inside it, and has built in controls for recording / taking pictures. With a nice design, and around 12 hours of battery life it sells for $90.

  • Good Battery Life
  • Easy To Hold One Handed
  • Comes With Tripod
  • Pause / Play Features
  • No Warranty

4. Our next best gimbal for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus Feiyu VLOG Pocket. If your looking for something that’s easy to carry around this one can actually fit in your pocket. It has a fold-able design which can also be turned into a tripod. It has a start / stop button for taking pictures, and recording video. You will also be able to get 360 degree rotation once your phones clamped in. This ones definitely worth a look with a price point of $100.

  • Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket
  • Comes With Tripod
  • Very Durable
  • Play / Pause Features Are Weak

5. The last best pick for the best gimbal for Galaxy Note 10 / 10 Plus is Zhiyun Smooth 4. These guys made our list twice since they make some awesome gimbals. This one has a nice one handed design which can also turn into a tripod. It has built in controls for time lapse recording and taking pictures. You will also find the balance when using this one exceptional even for a phone as big as the Note. It sells for around $120 and definitely worth checking out. If you would like to see even more great accessories for Note 10 click here.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Built In Tripod
  • Lots Of Features
  • Sort Of Pricey

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