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5 Best Iphone VR Headsets 2019

If your looking for the best iphone vr headsets in 2019 we have 5 top picks. VR is the future, and using one of these accessories is great for watching 3d videos and playing vr games. However one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not getting something that’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I made this mistake myself, but after testing out over a dozen of these in the last year I found these 5 to be the best. We will have some live video directly below on our top pick as we get into the benefits to using each one.

Our current top choice is the Pansonite. Its design is almost flawless with an easy to adjust head strap, and leather padded face plate. It has movable hd eye lenses that are great for viewing movies and games. It comes with one of the best add on controllers that connects via blue-tooth with your iphone. It weighs around 1 pound making it light weight enough to wear for a good 45 minutes at a time. It will fit every iphone available and sells for around $55.

The next best iphone vr headset in 2019 is the Desktek. It has a controller combo which it makes it another good option if you plan on vr gaming. It has an adjustable head strap, and leather padded face plate that is very soft on your skin. It also has an anti reflective blue light coating that can come from your iphone. This makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience for the price of around $35.

3. If you only need a vr headset for watching movies and videos BNEXT would be another great option. It has a two tone red black design and is very adjustable. You can move the eye lenses, head strap, and face plate completely to your liking. It has some nice padding which makes it comfortable to wear, and an easy to open slot to place your phone into. It sells for around $30 and definitely worth checking out.

4. If your looking for the best iphone vr headset in 2019 but on a budget the HAMSWAN is a great choice. This has a unique fabric like design and currently comes in black. It has vinyl padding for its face plate, and complete customization for its inner eye lenses. It is also very light weight at 8.3 ounces. It does not come with a controller, but with a price point of only $20 its hard to beat.

5. Our final pick for the best iphone vr headset in 2019 is the Oculus Go. This is the only vr headset on our list that does not have a slot to place your phone into. This is because it is an all in one headset with its own apps and built in processor. It does come with a controller, and also allows you to connect with your iphone via blue-tooth. It is a bit more expensive at around $190, but if you want to live the vr lifestyle this would help you achieve that goal.

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