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5 Best Iphone XR Accessories

If your looking for the best Iphone XR accessories we have 5 top picks. Everyone needs to be rocking the right gear so we stuck with the essentials being cases, chargers, and a pretty slick car mount. These are basically the things your iphone really can’t live without. So it be a good idea to invest in them asap. As we go over this list be sure to check out the video below showcasing each one.

1. When it comes to cases I can’t think of one better than the Otterbox Commuter. This has been a personal favorite I have used on multiple phones over the years. It is a 2 piece case that currently comes in 4 different colors. It has some great style that shows the Apple logo cutout, but more importantly it provides some seriously great drop protection. It currently sells for around $35 and definitely worth checking out.

2. Our next best Iphone XR accessory is the Anker Wireless Charging Pad. This has a gorgeous non slip pad to place your phone onto, and a blue led light up that looks awesome in a dark room. It not only looks amazing but provides a very fast charge. You can also use this with any wireless charging active phone making it a nice long term investment. It sells for around $20 and comes with an 18 month warranty.

3. If you weren’t a fan of our first case choice you might prefer the Spigen Tough Armor. This has a nice thin design and comes in 5 different colors. It also has a built in kick stand feature that works well for putting your phone into landscape. If your looking for a very fashionable trendy looking case this would be a great option. It sells for around $20.

4. If your not currently using a power bank you are missing out on life period. These are super handy little charging accessories you can carry with you on the go. One of the smartest Iphone XR accessories you can buy is the Anker PowerCore 2 6700. It works with multiple phones, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It currently sells for around $25.

5. Last but certainly not least is our top pick for an amazing car mount. Say hello to the iOttie Easy One Touch 4. This is another one of the best Iphone XR accessories that can help you use your phone while driving. It has an easy to use suction cup design, and also comes with an extendable arm. You can get complete 360 degree rotation for putting your phone into both landscape and portrait. This is another must have item that sells for around $25.

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