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5 Best Iphone XS Max Gimbals

If your looking for the best Iphone XS Max gimbals we have 5 top picks. Even with the bomb camera on this new iphone using a gimbal will give you stabilization that can drastically improve your video quality. They are great if you are a youtuber, filmmaker, or just someone who likes to shoot video. These are also universal with other phones making them a great video shooting investment.

1. Our first top pick is the DJl Osmo Mobile 2. This has a light weight compact design which makes it very easy to carry around. Adjusting your phone into it takes less than a minute with its easy to use clamp. It will get a battery life of around 15 hours, and will also have an option for charging your phone as well. Whats most impressive is its ability to take great shots. It will stabilize video so well that people might think you were using a light weight drone when shooting a particular video. This is currently our top pick which sells for around $140.

2. Our next best Iphone XS Max gimbal is the Evo Shift. It has a great design which is also light weight and easy to grip with one hand. It has an adjustable clamp to place your iphone into which is a smooth easy process. It also has record / zoom controls on its handle, advanced stabilization modes, and gives you the ability to charge your phone. You can’t go wrong with this one since it comes with a 1 year warranty and sells for around $100.

3. The Zhiyun Smooth 4 is very impressive since it comes with a tripod adjustment. As far as features it has built in phone charging, zoom capabilities which work great, lighting features, and easy to use one handed. It also gets a great battery life of around 12 hours, and will take your film making to the next level. What I really like about this one as I already mentioned is the tripod adjustment you can screw on at the bottom. This currently sells for around $120 and definitely worth checking out.

The next best Iphone XS Max gimbal is the Zhiyun Smooth Q. These guys made our list twice since they make some great gimbals. This one provides great video stabilization, 360 degree rotation, and gets around 12 hours of battery life. It has enhanced camera functions for zooming in / out, and also has a port for charging your iphone. It is also our lightest option at 15.5 ounces and sells for around $100.

5. Our last pick for the best Iphone XS Max gimbal is the Hohem T2. This has a premium aluminum alloy handle, very light weight to carry around, easy to use one handed, and great for stabilizing video. It gets around 10 hours of battery life, and will also give you the ability to charge your phone. The only downside is that its a bit overpriced at around $150.

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