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5 Best Movada Smartwatches for Men 2022

by edward

If your looking for the best Movada smartwatches for men in 2022 we’ve got just the thing. Movado offers their connected smartwatch 2.0 in multiple band options, colors, and sizes (40mm and 42mm offered); These watches are also unisex. This unisex watch is designed to seamlessly sync with your iPhone or Android device and runs Wear OS by Google. It stands out due to its gorgeous rounded edges and offers IPX8 Water Resistance, which means it would be the ideal companion for working out, but not for swimming. It can display phone calls, calendar appointments, emails, music, text messages (including iMessage), and social media notifications. It also has a built in GPS that allows you to track your movements even when the watch isn’t paired to your phone, or even launch google maps for quick directions without having to reach for your phone.

This watch stands out as cool especially due to its easily interchangeable straps (offered in different materials and colors) and will allow for all day use with its 24 hours of reported battery, and its advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. Like the Apple watch, the Movado connect 2.0 features an always on AMOLED screen and hundreds of customizable watch faces. The watch offers Google Assistant, a heart rate monitor, activity tracking (via Google fit), NFC enabled payments through Google Pay and an accelerometer.

The watch has a rotating crown, which will allow you to navigate through its menus, and allows you to toggle the screen on and off. There are also two customizable side buttons which can be leveraged to launch a feature or application. The screen is sharp and clear, with admittedly large black bezels. The watch charges using a separate magnetic charging pad which snaps to the back of the watch.

This is not just the best Movada smartwatch for men in 2022, but a daring move in Swiss watchmaking as it moves into a digital era. One comparable smartwatch in this segment is the Tag Heuer Connected series, which features a much heavier price tag, offering the same operating system and similar build quality, and only a single face size of 46mm. Another comparable smartwatch in this segment is the Montblanc Summit 2, which is nearly $300 more than the most expensive configuration of the Movado offering. Swiss design is reinventing the humble smartwatch, offering the possibility for customizable, yet well thought out designs.

1. Black Stainless Case with Leather Band

Our first best Movado smartwatch for men in 2022 is the Connect in black stainless steel. This watch is the go-to-choice for the minimalist as it features a design that works well with nearly any outfit. The simple black leather band is a timeless classic than can find itself in a boardroom, surgical theater, or classroom. Simplicity can truly be the ultimate sophistication.

2. Stainless Steel Case and Navy-Blue Velcro Fabric Band

This is the ideal configuration for the hipster. The Velcro strap is a callback to a prior era. The fabric band is lighter, more flexible, and more breathable than the other strap options allowing for a remarkably comfortable fit. The navy-blue color works great with denim jeans (and jackets). For further customizability add different colored Velcro bands to go with different styles.

3. Black Stainless-Steel Case with Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

Our next best Movado smartwatch for men in 2022 is this black stainless steel Connect. This watch is ideal for a refined technologist that wants to keep their fashion profile elegant, subtle, and tasteful. Due to the heavier weight band, this watch configuration is recommended for formal or professional use being the focus, and yet will still have the capability of dominating any fitness situation. It is recommended you also purchase other bands to match the scenarios you might encounter as we cannot be certain how long the finish will hold up. It looks its best when matched.

4. Grey Stainless-Steel Case with Black Silicon Bracelet

This design is ideal for use in active environments. It includes a Crystal Gorilla Glass display and would pair perfectly with athletic clothing. The default watch-face is perfect as it captures the orange accents within the strap. It also features a tough stainless steel featured in a deep gray color. It might be ideal for those who are most focused on fitness activities such as running, weightlifting, or even mountain climbing. The orange coloration would also be a suitable fit for high intensity users such as race car drivers or competitive runners.

5. Gold Stainless Steel Case and Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet

Our final pick for the best Movado smartwatch for men in 2022 is the Connect in gold. This tasteful offering is the most luxurious in the Movado Connected Series Lineup. This selection is ideal for those with the taste for the exotic and is a great travel companion that will likely work with many different types of attire but is best completed with a classic suit and tie. It is likely the go-to-choice for a successful investment banker, management consultant, or hedge fund manager. It features a subtle gold ring around the bezel, and contrasts perfectly with dark watch faces with gold accents. If this is your watch of choice, it is likely that your top customizable button summons a bulletproof Rolls Royce Limousine, while your bottom one executes a billion-dollar trade.

Movado’s dedication to precision watchmaking is carried onto their smartwatches which offer modern functionality, reasonable pricing, great battery life, as well as easier access to your mobile life. Customizable straps, case colors, sizes and durable materials make these the official coolest smartwatches.

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