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5 Best Otterbox Cases for Iphone 12

If youve already picked up the new Iphone 12, or still waiting to get yours you will need to protect your investment. Which is why we will be going over 5 of the best Otterbox Cases for Iphone 12. Finding the perfect case is never an easy task. Which is exactly why weve made this process as easy as possible for you. So let’s get right into it.

1. Commuter Series

The Otterbox Commuter is a personal favorite. Its the perfect balance between overall protection and style. This case comes apart in two pieces. You will have a soft tpu case that wraps over a hard pc shell. The Commuter comes in four different colors being black, pink, green, and blue. It costs right around $40 and our top choice.

2. Symmetry Series

Our next best Otter box Case for Iphone 12 is the Symmetry Series. This is the lightest of all Otterbox Cases. It is a one piece case and comes in a wide range of colors. Snapping it on is a bit easier than the Commuter, but the protection isnt quite as good. Its very stylish looking and sells for a bit more at around $50.

3. Strada Series

If youve never tried a wallet case before maybe youd like the Strada Series. This is a leather flip case thats perfect for carrying credit cards with your Iphone. It comes in both black and brown, and sells for around $40.

4. Defender Series

The next best Otterbox Case for Iphone 12 is the good ole Defender Series. This is the Otter box staple that hasnt changed a whole lot over the years. Its also about as protective as it gets. The case itself comes in 4 different colors, and has 3 pieces to put together before your phone goes into it. This case is best for someone who drops their phone frequently or works outside. Its the priciest Otter box Case at $60, but definitely worth it if you need something super protective.

5. Commuter Series Black

Our last pick goes to the Commuter Series in black. You really cant go wrong with it since its more protective than the Symmetry, but not nearly as bulky as the Defender. Its another case we would highly recommend checking out.

If you enjoyed this list of some of the best Otterbox Cases for Iphone 12 you can check out some other cool accessories by clicking here.


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