5 Best Power Banks for Galaxy Note 9

If your looking for the best power bank for galaxy note 9 we have 5 top picks. These types of charging accessories are a must have for staying charged on the go. They are also universal with just about every phone making them a great charging investment.

1. Our first top pick is none other than the Anker PowerCore 13000mah. It has a smooth matte finish design that feels nice to hold in the palm of your hand, 2 ports for dual charging, and a blue led charging indicator. It comes in both black / white, and is also pocket friendly to carry around. It uses powerIQ voltage technology to provide fast charging, and also comes with a nice 18 month warranty. Basically this things a beast!

2. The next best power bank for galaxy note 9 is the RavPower 22000mah. This is another pocket friendly charger that currently comes in 4 different colors, has 3 usb charging ports, and a blue led light indicator. It has an ic chip built in to prevent overheating, and will give you 500 charge cycles. RavPower is another leader in the charging niche and this is one of there best.

3. The EasyAcc 20000mah is another great option that comes with 4 charging ports and a built in flash light feature. It has a very sleek design with 4 color options available. Charging times are very fast when using this, and its also great for on the go charging. It comes with built in overheating protection and a nice 18 month warranty.

4. Anker is making out list twice with there PowerCore 2 6700mah power bank. This thing is a real thing of beauty as far as overall design. It has a unique rigid smooth matte finish, 2 charging ports, 6 bright led indicators, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This is another one of the best power banks for galaxy note 9 that costs around $25, and uses there patented powerIQ technology to provide fast charging.

5. Our last best power bank for galaxy note 9 is the KMASHI 15000mah. This is our budget friendly pick that only costs around $17. It comes with 2 charging ports, an led light up feature on its side, and is great for outdoors. The only downside to this one is that its a bit bigger and bulkier, but is also very durable for withstanding drops.

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