5 Best Power Banks For Gopro Hero 6

If you want to stay juiced up at all times we have 5 of the best power banks for Gopro Hero 6. With battery issues continuing to be a constant problem into the foreseeable future on just about all electronics it makes sense to invest in one of these types of accessories. They are universal so can also work with phones, tablets, and even laptops. They are not all created equal which is why we have 5 great options picked out.

1. The first best power bank for Gopro Hero 6 is the Anker Powercore 20100. This charger has an awesome sleek design and comes in both black and white. It will provide high speed charging, comes with 2 usb charging ports, and lights up blue when in a charge. It has a nice smooth matte finish which makes it feel nice to hold in the palm of your hand. It also comes with a built in ic chip to prevent overheating, and an 18 month warranty. These guys are some of the best in the business making them our first selection.

2. Our next pick is the Ravpower 26800 power bank. This charger has a nice slim matte finish design. It comes in 2 different colors, has 3 usb ports for charging, and provides high speed charging. It has been proven to last upwards of 9 days when completely charged which is impressive. It also comes with a built in ic chip to prevent overheating and a nice 1 year warranty.

3. The next best power bank for gopro hero 6 comes from Easyacc. This is a 20000mah power bank that not only looks great, but also has a built in flashlight. It has 4 ports for charging which is pretty is insanely awesome and comes in 3 different colors. It has a fast re charge time of 6 hours and comes with an 18 month warranty.

4. Our next pick is another from Anker. This is the Powercore 2 Slim 10000mah which looks amazing. It is sleekly designed, small enough to fit in your pocket, and provides fast charging. This is basically a smaller charger that packs a big punch. Its yet another great option from a great company.

5. The last best power bank for Gopro Hero 6 is the Aukey 20000mah. This charger has 2 usb ports, a very cool design, and lights up green when in a charge. It has built in safe guards to prevent overheating, works with multiple devices, and a nice 12 month warranty.

If you were looking for the best power bank for Gopro Hero 6 we hope you enjoyed this list. These types of accessories are a great overall investment for all things charging!

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