5 Best Power Banks For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best power bank for samsung galaxy note 8 we have top 5 recommendations. These accessories are becoming a necessity since no matter what phone releases battery drain eventually becomes an issue. Each one of these we will be going over is an item we have personally used, and will also explain the benefits to each one. Just a little tip before we get into this list we would like to mention that when looking for a power bank you will want to go with one that has at least 10000mah built into it which is the perfect amount to get a fast charge.

1. Our first top pick is the anker 10000mah which is a beauty. Anker is known for making some of the best chargers in the world and this is no exception. This item has a great build on it being made of a smooth matte finish hard pc, and lights up blue when its in a charge. It also has a built in ic chip to prevent overheating as well. Its small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and also has a 12 month warranty on it.

2. Our next best power bank for samsung galaxy note 8 is the Yukuma. This item was recently released, and is the first power bank ever to fully charge in 30 minutes. Most power banks can take up to a few hours to fully charge, but this is the first of its kind. It comes in 4 different colors and has a 10000mah capacity. It also has an amazing build on it, and is a great item for getting a charge on the go. This item has much higher price point but it is also extremely unique.

3. Our next top pick for the best power bank for samsung galaxy note 8 comes from Kmashi. This is our budget pick for anyone who’s looking to go a little cheaper. This item comes in 10000mah capacity with 2 charging ports on it. It also has a nice design on it, and fairly easy to hold and take around. It is a little bit on the bigger side however, but also comes with a nice warranty. Like we said this is our budget pick.

4. The Dulla M5000 12000mah power bank its our next top choice. This charger comes in 4 different colors, and has a great aluminum alloy build. The aluminum is also scratch proof so you won’t have to worry about it getting marked up. It has a built in ic chip to prevent overheating, and will also give your phone a quick charge. Its also fairly light weight for the size of power bank it is. Overall this is a very stylish item with a great price point and design.

5. Our last top pick for the best power bank for samsung galaxy note 8 once again comes from Anker. This is the Anker 20000mah power bank that is quite honestly a beast. This is a super fast charging external battery pack that will have your phone juiced up very quickly. It has a great design on it that allows for triple device charging. Honestly this is a great pick for anyone in the market for a power bank.

If you were looking for the best samsung galaxy note 8 power bank this list should have everything your looking for. Investing in one of these types of accessories is absolutely a smart move since battery issues will continue to plague phones for many years to come. Another great thing about these types of accessories is that they are also universal for just about any phone or tablet. If you were looking for the best samsung galaxy note 8 power bank this should have hopefully helped you out.

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