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5 Best Power Banks Under $30

If your looking for the best power banks under $30 we have 5 top picks. These types of accessories are great for charging your phone on the go especially when you hit the dreaded 10 percent mark. They also make great charging investments since they are universal with all phones. We will have a live video below on our current top selection as well as some other great picks.

1. Our first top pick is the Anker PowerCore 2 6700. It has an amazing rigid matte finish design with 6 bright led indicators. It provides high speed charging for when you need it most, and has 1 usb port for charging your phone. It is also completely pocket sized and will even fit in the palm of your hand. With it only weighing 5 ounces it makes a great on the go charging companion, and with a price tag of around $25 its our current top pick.

2. The next best power bank under $30 worth a look is the Jackery Giant. It has a smooth matte finish design with a blue led light up feature on its side. It has 2 usb ports for dual charging, a flashlight feature, and currently comes in two different colors. It provides high speed fast charging and comes with a 1 year warranty. Since it is a bit giant it won’t quite fit in your pocket, but still great for on the road charging purposes. It sells for exactly $30 currently.

3. Anker made our list twice with the PowerCore 10000. This is one of my all time favorite chargers that comes in 4 different color options. It has a smooth matte finish design with 3 tiny blue led indicators. It provides PowerIQ fast charging, and has a built in ic safety chip to prevent overheating. It is very pocket friendly and sells for around $27 currently.

4. Our next best power bank under $30 is the RAVPower 10000. It has a beautiful matte finish design with a blue led indicator light across the front of it. It is very pocket friendly for taking with you while your walking, and currently comes in both black / white. It also has 2 usb ports for dual charging, and will keep you juiced up when you need it most. It comes with a nice 1 year warranty and sells for $25.

5. The Easy Acc 13000 is another great option. It comes from a reputable company that makes great charging accessories. This one has a two tone black and orange design with 2 usb ports for dual charging. It provides high speed charging, and also has a built in flash light feature. It sells for $27 and definitely worth a look.

If you were looking for the best power banks under $30 we hope you enjoyed these 5 top picks. Also don’t forget to check out our video review above on our top overall selection.

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