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5 Best Rainbow Fidget Spinners

If your looking for the best rainbow fidget spinners we have 5 top picks. Each one of these are very colorful and look awesome when your in a full spin. They are designed to relieve stress and anxiety, but can also be a fun accessory to play around with when you have some free time. I myself mess around with these whenever I’m sitting down on the couch. Its crazy how popular these types of accessories have become over the last year for both kids and adults.

1. Our first best rainbow fidget spinner comes from YGJ. This has an rainbow curved edge design. It also has some weight to it at 3.2 ounces helping give you some seriously nice balanced spins. When your in a spin its very smooth and can last for minutes at a time. It is also completely made of metal and a personal favorite.

2. Then we have a rainbow spinner from InTree. This one is made with high quality metal, and will spin for as long as 6 minutes. It feels great on your fingers and also comes with a 30 day warranty which is a nice plus.

3. Our next best rainbow fidget spinner comes from Solomo. This one is made with titanium alloy making it extremely durable from scratches and scuffs. It has nice rounded edges and will give you around 5 minutes of spin time. It also comes with a nice little carrying case.

4. The Magtimes Rainbow spinners is our next pick. This has a great design being all metal and weighing 2.2 ounces. It has some seriously awesome balance and great for relieving stress. Its very colorful and looks great when your in a spin which can last as long as 5 minutes.

5. Our last best rainbow fidget spinner is the Atesson Colorful Metal Bearing Spinner. This spinner has a stunning design being made of high grade stainless steel and looks very colorful when in a full spin. It weighs around 2 ounces and comes with a nice 6 month warranty. This is also a highly rated making it another top choice.

If you were looking for the best rainbow fidget spinner we hope you enjoyed these top 5 picks. Each one is very well made with high grade metals, and are also super colorful. When you get into a spin the colors on these can be some what mesmerizing as well. You should do yourself a favor and grab one of these addictive accessories as soon as possible.

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