5 Best Tripods For Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

If your looking for the best tripod for galaxy s9 / s9 plus we have 5 top picks. These types of accessories are great for image stabilization for taking photos and videos. When using one of these you will make shaky / blurriness a thing of the past. They are also great camera investments since they are universal with all phones. While your going through this list you can also take a shot at winning a new galaxy phone for free through this sweepstakes.

1. Our first best tripod for galaxy s9 / s9 plus is the Claw. This is one of my personal favorites that comes in 3 different colors, has padding for your phone if your not using a case, and is also very light weight. One of the best features on this tripod is that it has completely maneuverable legs. You will be able to adjust this thing to any angle to give yourself the perfect shot. It also has 360 degree rotation, is easy to carry around, and very durable.

2. The King Joy is our next top pick that has a great metal design. It has flexible legs that will allow you to take shots, and record videos from any angle. It also has complete rotation for its top portion, and placing your phone into its clamp is very easy. It has a nice price point of around $18 making it another great option.

3. Our next best tripod for galaxy s9 / s9 plus comes from Manfrotto. This is a very uniquely designed tripod that has 3 legs, an easy to raise clamp, and is also very light weight. It has a cool push release button to get your phone out, and is nice and compact making it easy to carry around.

4. The Fotopro is an impressive tripod that has completely maneuverable legs, 360 degree rotation, and is waterproof. You can adjust it to any angle you need, or even wrap it around things to keep it in place. Its extremely flexible and the added waterproof feature I have to say is pretty awesome.

5. Our last tripod is the Kobra Tech. It has flexible legs, a small portable design, and an easy to use clamp for placing your phone into. It was made to last, but even if it doesn’t it comes with a nice 2 year warranty.

If you were looking for the best tripod for galaxy s9 / s9 plus these are all great options. This types of accessories do make great camera investments since they are universal with all phones. They are also great for preventing shaky video and blurry pictures.

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