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5 Best VR Headsets for Galaxy Note 9

by Fliptroniks

If your looking for the best vr headset for galaxy note 9 we have 5 top picks. Each one of these will have no problem fitting the much larger 6.4 inch note 9. Its also imperative you choose the right head set for turning up your vr gaming / movie experience.

1. Our first top pick goes to the Pansonite. This is an amazing vr headset that has a very comfortable fitting design. It has an adjustable leather head strap, hd eye goggles for a great viewing experience, and leather padding to rest your face on. It comes with an awesome controller that is great for playing vr games which you can connect via blue-tooth. You simply pop the front open to place your phone into and your good to go. This will run you exactly $50 but is our overall favorite pick especially when it comes to vr gaming!

  • Very Comfortable Fitting
  • Comes With Controller
  • HD Eye Lenses
  • No warranty

2. If your not convinced our next best vr headset for galaxy note 9 goes to the Samsung Gear VR. This is still a personal favorite that comes with an easy to use design for placing your phone into. It has an adjustable leather head strap, hd eye lenses which are great for watching movies / playing vr games, and has extra padding for resting your face onto. It comes with a very nifty controller which you can use with one hand, and is also very light weight at 1 pound even. The only downside is this will set you back $100, but if you have the extra cash its definitely worth purchasing.

  • Upgraded Design
  • Comes With Controller
  • Great Viewing Experience
  • Controller Is a Bit Weak
  • Expensive

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3. Another great option is the DESTEK. This is a great budget friendly choice at $35 that you will definitely get your moneys worth. It has extra padding on both the outside and inner face plate that makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It has adjustable eye lenses, and a smooth matte finish controller to use for vr gaming. It also has an easy to use slot opening to place your phone into and is very high quality for the price point.

  • Comfortable Fitting
  • Awesome Controller
  • HD Eye Lenses
  • Pairing Times Can Be Slow

4. Another one of the best vr headsets for galaxy note 9 is the MERGE. If you plan on sharing this with young kids this would be a great option that currently comes in 4 different colors. It is the overall lightest choice on our list at 11 ounces making it very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It has an adjustable head strap, movable eye lenses, and will fit your face perfectly. It is also uniquely designed as you can see in the below stock photo. The only downside is that it does not come with a controller, but is also on the cheaper side at $30.

  • Great Price Point
  • Comes In Different Colors
  • No Controller

The last best vr headset for galaxy note 9 is the upgraded ETVR headset with controller combo. This is another nicely designed lightweight comfortable fitting vr unit. It has a nice smooth matte finish controller, movable hd eye lenses, and an adjustable head strap. It costs only $30 and definitely worth checking out.

  • Comes With Controller
  • Comfortable Fitting Design
  • Ear Pieces Could Be Better

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