5 Best VR Headsets For Galaxy S9

If your looking for the best vr headset for galaxy s9 we have 5 top picks. With virtual reality becoming more of a thing its something you should definitely take advantage of on your new phone. Being able to play vr games and watch movies will be a lot better if your using the right headset. Our top pick which we will be highlighting in a video below is the Pansonite, but will still have some other great picks for you. While your going through this list you can also take a shot at winning a new galaxy phone for free through this sweepstakes.

1. Our frst best vr headset for galaxy s9 is Samsung Gear. The design on this is close to flawless with an adjustable head strap, extra cushioning for your face, and a nice light weight design. It will fit your phone perfectly with a nice firm grip. It comes with a controller you can use for playing vr games, and will also work nicely for when you watch movies. This is our top pick and would make a great investment for all things vr.

2. The Pansonite is another great headset controller combo. It will work with any size perfectly, has great face cushioning, and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Having used this for over 30 minutes at a time I had never felt any kind of strain on my neck. It also has great hd adjustable lenses for viewing as well, and with a price point of around $30 you really can’t beat it.

3. The next best vr headset for galaxy s9 comes from Destek. It has a great design with cushioning on both the face plate and head strap. It has hd lenses which you can adjust for viewing, and the controller combo makes it good for both gaming and watching movies.  The Desktek gives you quality and comfort at an affordable price.

4. The Exclead is another comfortable fitting vr headset. It has an adjustable head strap, great face cushioning, and is very light weight. It has high definition lenses that making watching videos and playing vr games spectacular. What we like most other than its design is the great wireless controller. Its the perfect companion for playing vr shooting games.

5. Our overall budget pick goes to the KAWOE. This is a super light weight headset that has adjustable hd lenses, able to fit any size phone, and sells for under $20. The only downside to going with this one is that it does not have a controller. If you plan on only watching vr movies this might be a good choice if your on a budget.

If you were looking for the best vr headsets for galaxy s9 we hope you enjoyed this list. Investing in one of these is a smart move since they will likely be good for many years to come. Plus who doesn’t love vr gaming![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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