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5 Best Waterproof Cases for Iphone XS Max

If your looking for the best waterproof cases for Iphone XS Max we have 5 top picks. These types of cases are great for keeping your phone dry, but also come with built in screen protectors. They provide some of the best protection from every angle on your iphone, and are especially good for outdoor use.

1. Our first to pick is the Snowfox. As far as design it has a built in screen protector, transparent backing which allows you to see the back of your phone, and currently comes in black. It will have no issues protecting your phone, but what’s most impressive is that its been tested to work underwater for over an hour. It’s great for gripping one handed with its rugged sides and sells for around $20.

2. The next best waterproof case for Iphone XS Max is the SPIDERCASE. The design on here is completely scratch proof, very slim / durable, and great for outdoor activities. It has been tested to work underwater for over an hour in 6.5 feet. It has a great fit that does not any bulk to your phone and sells for around $25 currently.

3. Our next top pick comes from Vapesoon. It has a clear slim design that is completely scratch proof. The one added feature this case does have is a built in kickstand. It will allow you to prop your phone sideways into landscape for playing games, texting, or watching videos. As far as protection it gets the job done, and is IP68 waterproof certified. It sells for right around $20 and definitely worth checking out.

4. The next best waterproof case for Iphone XS Max Clayco. This has a beautiful black design with a clear built in screen protector. It also comes in pink, and has rugged edges that make it nice for gripping. It is IP68 waterproof rated, and provides some nice drop protection from every angle. It will work with wireless charging and sells for around $25.

5. Our last pick for the best waterproof case for Iphone XS Max goes to JUSTCOOL. It is currently water / snow proof up to 6 feet for over an hour. It has a slim design that is completely scratch proof on both sides. It works perfectly for accessing every button on your iphone, and also gives some nice drop protection. To top things off it currently comes with a nice 12 month warranty and sells for around $18.

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