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8 Online Slot Tips and Tricks – To Help You Win!

by edward

Yes playing online slots is fun and entertaining. The pace for playing these games is fast, packed with huge jackpot prizes, and often have very fun themes. Being able to conjure up winning sessions can be challenging. Believe me I’ve had to learn this the hard way. However applying these tips in your next slot session can give you the edge your in desperate need of.

Best Casinos To Play In 2022 – Summarized List

  1. Ignition Casino – Claim Bonus
  2. Bovada Casino – Claim Bonus
  3. Slots lv Casino – Claim Bonus

1. Grab a No Deposit Bonus Code

No deposit bonuses are essentially free money. For example if you signed up with Ignition which is a highly reputable casino you could actually get a free $10. Online casinos often do this to entice you to start playing with them. At the very least it gives you a chance to see if you will enjoy playing on there site.

2. Play Games That Fit Your Personality

Another online slot tip is to play games you actually enjoy. For example you may be someone who loves to play fruit themed slots. Someone else might enjoy playing a dragon themed slot game. I’ve often found if you enjoy the theme of the game you will have a much more positive attitude about winning. It can even help you control your bets, and better control your bankroll.

3. Play Within Your Bankroll

Speaking of bankrolls try to play within your means! Yes this can be a tough one for just about everyone but its a must. Sometimes when you play online slots the losing streaks can last for hours. Other times you might be on a hot streak that won’t seem to end. The point is you have to manage your money like a pro in order to extend your winnings into actual cash outs. As a rule of thumb try not to have more than 5% of your bankroll in play at any given time.

4. Don’t Always Bet Max

Another online slot tip you should know about is bet sizing. Some people believe that if you bet the max for a slot game it will trigger the bonus more often. This is definitely not true and just something most people speculate on. Betting max will not boost your odds of winning. Also, you have to take into consideration that all online slots have a certain degree of volatility. So remember this next time you consider going big.

5. Check The Pay Tables

When searching for an online slot, it would be best to have a peek at the pay tables and to run your own research about the best games to play before parting with your money. Each online slot has its own unique pay-table and variations can surprise you. These tiny variations in pay tables can ultimately make a big difference on your bankroll in the long run.

6. Play On Reputable Casino

Ignition Casino is our top recommendation to play online slots. With a massive collection of high-quality games, excellent bonuses, and top-notch customer support, it’s tough to argue reasons why you shouldn’t consider using Ignition Casino as your online gambling home.

7. Look for Games That Have Bonus Rounds

Once you’ve found the right game, figure out how you can activate its bonus round and take advantage of it. Compared with regular games, themed slot games and 3D games are more likely to get you more winnings because of their bonus rounds.

8. Think About Paylines

If you know how many paylines your chosen game has, you’ll know what your chances of winning are. Take the time to research each different game’s paylines before you start.

Top 3 Online Casinos In 2022

1. Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino has made a name for itself as the casino of choice when you want to play with cryptocurrency. The gambling platform is rated as one of the rapidly growing, and there are clear signs that this is bound to continue happening. With the faster payouts they have been making and the great customer support team, the reasons why players are rushing to the casino are apparent. You can get started on Ignition Casino here.


  • It has a variety of games, currently standing at 280
  • New players receive Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent customer support team if you ever need help
  • It has a variety of banking options


  • It mainly targets U.S. players

2. Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino has a large following in the United States owing to its ability to adapt to the country’s strict regulatory requirements. Generally, U.S. players often feel limited when looking for a good casino where they can legally gamble and get quick payouts. That is no longer the case with this platform, as it has proven from time and again that it can pay its players quickly. You can get started on Bovada Casino here.


  • Follows regulations by relevant bodies
  • Has Welcome bonus and other promotions
  • Offers live dealer games
  • Boasts of positive reviews from seasoned gamers


  • You may find the varying odds a bit unsettling

3. Slots lv

Slots lv operates 24/7, proving that online casinos are indeed miles ahead of land-based casinos, which would typically have strict opening and closing hours. The casino has significantly invested in processing players’ withdrawals within the shortest time possible, especially using crypto. The casino is accessible worldwide in all regions that have not banned gambling. You can get started on Slots lv here.


  • Accepts players from across the globe
  • It has a decent collection of games
  • Makes prompt payments


  • Lacks live dealer games

Ignition $1000 Casino Bonus


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