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7 Apps That Pay $100 a Day 2018

If your looking for apps that pay $100 a day in 2018 we have 7 top picks. Each one of these I personally use on a daily basis, and they have managed to help me not only make money but build my wealth. You will need to put the time and practice in to get good at each method, but over the long run it can definitely pay off. We will have some live video below on each one you can also check out.

Our first top pick is going to be Ignition Poker. This is currently the number one poker app for real money in the US that has over 1.5 million in weekly prize money. Yes you heard that number right. They have some amazing software for playing texas holdem, and provide fast cash outs via bitcoin / check withdrawal.

Our next best app that pays $100 a day in 2018 is Binance. This is currently my favorite app for trading cryptocurrency. They provide close to 100 different coins you can trade at anytime of the day. They have great charting features, price percentage movements, and make it easy to get money in and out.

This brings us to another great option which is Coinbase. This is currently the number bitcoin wallet online with well over 20 million members. You can trade 5 different cryptocurrencies on here, but we recommend using this mainly as a wallet to fund your Binance account. That is what I have been doing and it has worked out very well for me.

Since were on the topic of trading in different markets our next top pick is Robinhood. If your looking for apps that pay $100 a day 2018 you can definitely make that happen with stock trading. This is the best app for trading stocks hands down. They provide free trading with zero commissions, and are always updating there app with new features. If you have any experience with trading stocks the possibilities are endless.

If you have a knack for sport betting or poker than Bovada is a clear front runner. This is the number one betting site in the US that I have personally been playing on for the last 6 years. I have had great success on here with the poker, but also like to dabble on a sports match every now and then. Whatever your forte might be this is a great place to get your skilled betting on. They also provide some nice first time bonus options.

Our next best app that pays $100 a day in 2018 will be Acorns. While you probably won’t make that much on here we think its a good idea to use this as a small investing account. Basically Acorns is a robo adviser app that takes your money and puts it into low risk etf’s and mutual funds. Your much better off putting your money into something like this than will say a bank checking account. It currently costs $1 a month to use the service but is well worth it

Last but note least we have Swagbucks. This is my favorite points to cash app that can definitely make you an extra couple hundred a month if you use it right. You can combine it with our above methods to squeeze out a few more bucks. If you were looking for the best apps that pay $100 a day in 2018 we hope you enjoyed this list!


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