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7 Apps To Make Money In Your Spare Time

by Fliptroniks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If your looking for some of the best apps to make money in your spare time we have 7 top picks. Each one of these can take you on your way to adding a nice second income if done properly. Clearly results will differ for each person, but I have managed to rake in over 10k a month by getting good at these methods. So, lets get right into it.


1. While this first option might not apply to the masses, I enjoy it. If you’re a bit of a Texas Holdem fiend like myself Ignition Poker is a must. This is a real money poker app that offers over 1.5 million in weekly prizes. They have a strong reputation, and some of the best mobile software for playing poker on your phone. You can sign up with them here.

  • Real Money Poker App
  • 1.5 Million in Weekly Prizes
  • Highly Reputable
  • Fast Cash Outs

2. Another awesome app to make money in your spare time is with Wealthy Affiliate. This is an online community filled with entrepreneurs who are making a calling off of affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s products for a commission. This can be done with a blog, Youtube Channel, Instagram Page, of Facebook Page. The cool thing is that you can really do most of this through your phone. Its also helped me break the 10k a month mark. They have lots of great content on here for how you can get started.

  • Great Affiliate Training
  • Huge Community
  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • Both Free and Paid Courses

3. John Crestani is another awesome resource for affiliate marketing content. He has made millions of dollars online and has a great course if you want to give it a try. The only downside is that it’s a bit expensive at $200. However, it can save you a lot of frustration and time learning from one of the best on this topic.

  • Has Made Millions Online
  • Great Affiliate Training
  • Learn From One of The Best

4. Robinhood is another must use app to make money in your spare time. I have used it now for the last 4 plus years, and its also a great way to build your wealth. Robinhood is used by millions and offers zero commission trading. They allow you to start with as little as $5. I do however recommend saving up at least $1000 and try “swing trading” which has allowed me to make a lot of money passively.

  • Free Commission Trading
  • Used By Millions
  • Great Way To Build Wealth

5. Another great app to make money in your spare time is Inbox Dollars. This app can help you pull in an easy $50-$150 a month with little effort. Its free to download and lets you play games, watch videos, or take surveys to earn. Everyone should at least try it out.

  • Free To Download
  • Best Points To Cash App
  • Play Games
  • Watch Videos
  • Take Surveys

6. The last couple of apps we will be going over are just some icing on the cake. They are robo advisors that can help you earn 4-6 percent on any money you save. Acorns is our first pick that lets you round up spare change from purchases. You can also setup recurring deposits as well. Basically, they will then invest any money you put into the app in low risk mutual funds. It does cost $1 a month to use.

  • Makes 4-6 Percent On Your Money
  • $1 a Month Membership
  • Card Roundups

7. Our final app to help make money in your spare time is M1 Finance. This is my current favorite robo advisor that lets you choose your investments. Once chosen M1 will then manage your account. This is yet another great way to dabble into the world of investing straight from your phone. If you enjoyed these money-making apps you can check even more of them out here.

  • Best Robo Advisor
  • Lets You Choose Investments
  • Make 4-6 Percent On Your Money


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