Best Car Holder For Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best car holder for galaxy note 8 the Spigen Stealth is our top choice. This item is universal with literally any phone, but what makes it so great is its uniqueness. This accessory works as a dash mount, and to be honest its way better and more effective than any suction or cup holder. We will also have some live footage of us using this item below, but we would like to go over some of the benefits and features it has.

1. The spigen stealth has an amazing build and design. It comes in a two tone color with a triangle cut out on the top of it. It is made of a smooth matte pc material that feels great to hold in your hand. This item is straight quality, and also relatively light weight.

2. What makes this the best car holder for galaxy note 8 is how easy it is to use. It has a sticky residue on the bottom of it to attach to your car dash. After that you simply open it up to expand to the size of your note 8. It has two different adjustments on it for getting different angles, and once in place your all set. This seriously beats suction cups or cup holders.

3. The nice thing about this car holder is the quick and easy setup. Placing your phone inside of it is simple and great for taking calls, listening to music, or texting someone back without having to actually hold your phone. The inner tpu will also protect your phone if your not currently using a case on it

If your looking for the best car holder for galaxy note 8 the spigen stealth is a monster. The design and build are extremely unique, and its an easy to setup accessory. The sticky residue you will use to place on your dash is very firm, and will stay in place no matter what speed bump you might hit in your car. Another great thing about this item is that its universal with anyone you might get later on. Its an item that will likely be good for many years to come. There will also be some live footage below of us using this as well. If you were looking for the best car holder for galaxy note 8 you should absolutely check out the spigen stealth asap!

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