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Alien Path Iphone / IOS App Review

The alien path iphone / ios app is a new strategy puzzle game that’s actually quite fun. Anyone into puzzle games will definitely enjoy this one. The main character is a weird looking alien, and the objective is to kill other weird looking aliens. The game is also level based so the longer you play it the more difficult it will get. The learning curve to this game is quite easy, and after playing it for a couple of minutes you should pretty much have it figured out.

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One of the first things I liked about the alien path iphone / ios app is that it makes you think. You can’t just breeze by each level in this game since it will require some thinking. If you make the wrong moves enough times you will end up dying and have to replay that level. While its just a puzzle game there is definitely a strategy aspect to this one as well. Another thing I liked is that the controls are also very easy to get the hang of. The game also has a nice sound track that will change from level to level.

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Some of the things I didn’t like about the alien path iphone / ios app is that there are a lot of add pop ups to have to deal with. This is too be expected with any free app, but it seemed more then normal while I was playing this game. The game can also get a bit repetitive after you have put some time into it. That was one of my biggest gripes with this one, but even with that its still a fun enjoyable game. We have honestly seen more and more puzzle strategy games come onto the app store as of late which isn’t at all a bad thing. With some closing thoughts on the alien path iphone / ios app I think since its free for download its definitely worth checking out. Its not going to be for everyone since its puzzle based, and depending on the type of person you are you might not be into that. I do like the main character in this game, the levels are pretty challenging, the controls are pretty spot on, and it has a nice sound track to it. I absolutely think this game is worth a download so give it a go and check it out asap.

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