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Whether your using an iphone or android phone these types of cases are very functional, stylish, and easy to use. Some of the big benefits of phone wallets are that they carry cash, credit cards, and ids. This gives you the ability to ditch your wallet. Apart from using just a hard case a phone wallet gives you the ability to hold everything in one which is a huge benefit.

Another thing to look for when in the market for a phone wallet is to check the fabric or material of the case which your interested in. Alot of phone wallets are made with synthetic leather or faux leather. There are also real leather phone wallets as well. Whichever your preference a real leather phone wallet will typically cost more initally but also last longer. Most phone wallets have either a button on snap or magnetic clasp that attaches to close the phone case. The magnet is definitely the way to go so stay away from the button on snap phone wallets. Some people worry that the magnet will affect the phone in some way as far as how it functions, but dont worry it will not harm your phone. Having a magnetic clasp also makes it alot easier to open and flip your phone open for when you receive a call or need to respond to a text message.

Another thing to look for with phone wallets would be if they have built in hard cases. Most of these do however some dont. It really comes down to preference since they both have advantages and disadvantages. For example a built in hard case phone wallet will be harder to take out of the actual case, while a wallet that you can simply slide it in may not offer the best protection. Phone wallets are really just extremely useful. There have been plenty of times when ive personally been out and its been really handy just to have my id and credit card on me as oppose to holding a wallet and phone. These types of cases really offer the best protection of all phone cases since they cover your phone completely. Most people who give phone wallets a try end up loving them for the simple reason they make life easier. Being able to keep your personals together with your phone is a huge benefit. That should relieve any pain points for anyone skeptical about trying out a phone wallet. If I had to sum up the biggest benefits to them it would be style, functionality, and most important great protection.

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