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Alto’s Odyssey IOS Review

That’s right y’all Alto’s Odyssey is here and its amazing. Its got the same beautiful vibe as the original and its definitely something to look at. This game is gorgeously designed with animated levels that can at times stun you with how good it looks. Before we get into more on this game we will have some live game play directly below you can check out.

Alto’s Odyssey improved in a lot of little ways compared to the original game. This was a good move since there wasn’t much wrong with the original game meaning nothing drastic has changed. As we already mentioned this game looks beautiful with ever changing themes as you play. The game will go from night to day quite a bit, and also have you traveling through different areas. These areas include deserts, forests, and other colorful terrain.

Alto’s Odyssey is basically an endless runner that will have you playing for higher and higher scores. Speaking of going higher you can get some serious air jumping off of hot air balloons. You can also grind on rails and even wall ride. You can unlock thingsĀ for different upgrades as well, and you will also need to complete different tasks as your playing. You can unlock six different characters in total in this game.

The soundtrack on this game is super slick. All of the music you hear while playing was custom crafted to enhance your gaming experience. This was definitely another nice improvement over the original game.

With some closing comments on our Alto’s Odyssey IOS review we think this is a must download. The great thing about this game is that it will never really get old. Its a great game for killing time, but even more than that its just a fun experience that should not be passed up.

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