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AMC Movie Theatre App for Iphone

Depending on where you live theres a good chance one of the main theaters around you is an amc. They have had there amc movie app out for awhile but most people still go directly to there website to purchase a ticket. Browsing there website for show times, and purchasing tickets isnt too complicated but there app does make things alot easier. The app is obviously free for download, and allows you to find show times, and purchase tickets directly on your phone. Some other things you can do are share show times with friends on social media which is a pretty cool feature.

Download On Itunes

AMC Movie Theatre App for IphoneDownload On Itunes

A really nice feature to the amc movie theater app on your iphone is that they will send you coupons for tickets and food. Theres no doubt that going out to see a movie especially on an opening night can be pretty expensive once you make your way over to the concession stand for food. They will also alert you every once in awhile about new movies coming out which is also pretty cool. Another thing you can do is search for theaters on there app, and also choose between 3d or imax. If you live near an amc and its usually once of your main theater choices definitely download there app for iphone.

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