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Amir 2 In 1 Lens Review

by Fliptroniks

In our amir 2 in 1 lens review we will be highlighting some of the key benefits to using this camera accessory. If your in the market for a lens, and have yet to try one the amir will go above and beyond with your expectations. This type of accessory can take your phone photography to the next level with more attention to detail, and wider angle shots on any picture you take. Before we get more in to this we would also appreciate if you subscribed to us on youtube for more tech tips and tricks as well. As for what makes the amir 2 in 1 lens so great is that

1. It has a great build to it and is made of aluminum alloy. Straight out of the box you automatically know you are dealing with a high quality product. It also comes with a protective cover on both the back and front glass you can leave on it when its not in use. This may be something you don’t think of right away, but later on you will absolutely appreciate itĀ since it will help keep your lens inĀ great condition over time.

2. The front glass on the amir 2 in 1 lens has a coating on it to help protect against finger print smudges and scratches. It will also help with glaring and mirroring issues as well.

3. One of the greatest things about this lens is that it can give you up to a 15x zoom on any picture you take. This can help capture much more detail than you would normally get. It will also help you stay away from the auto zoom feature you may have on your phone since this always tends to make pictures look super grainy.

4. Since this is a wide angle lens you will be able to get more of a 360 degree view on any picture you take. This is absolutely another huge benefit since you would normally not have this option on just your phones camera.

5. The amir 2 in 1 lens attaches with an easy clip on that also has a rubber grip on it to help with scratching issues. This is another great benefit if you plan on using this lens without a case on your phone.

The amir 2 in 1 lens is a great camera accessory for anyone who loves phone photography. It is clear that if your in the market for something like this you want one of the best. Fortunately if your reading this the amir goes above and beyond expectations, and currently sits over 200 5 star reviews on amazon with lots of positive feedback. You can also see some of our live footage with this lens below as well.

The amir 2 in 1 lens is the perfect camera accessory for any picture lover. You can check it out here, but also be sure to subscribe to us on youtube for more tech tips and tricks!

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