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Anker PowerCore Play 6K Mobile Review – Its Awesome!

The Anker PowerCore Play 6K Mobile Game Controller Powerbank is one of the most useful gaming accessories I’ve seen come out this year. It not only works as a two handed controller, but will charge your phone at the same time. I mean how cool is that? Well I’ll tell you from first hand experience its freaking awesome! As we get into some of the benefits to using it you can check it out directly by clicking here.


Not only is this accessory a great gaming concept, but its designed beautifully. It has a smooth matte finish pc material that makes it feel nice to hold one or two handed. For placing your phone there is a rubberized material that will help protect your phone while its in place. The controller also extends outwards and will work with any plus sized phone in the market. Since it only weighs slightly over half a pound and small enough to fit in your pocket, you can take PowerCore with you anywhere for when the urge to play strikes.

Built In Cooling Fan

Have you ever owned a power bank and noticed it would get hot after long usage? Well Anker took care of that problem on this one. It has a powerful built-in fan that works to reduce heat while you game, preventing your phone from overheating even during the most epic gaming sessions. Once again very cool concept that seems to work flawlessly.

Gaming With a Kickstand

If you get tired of holding the Anker PowerCore Play 6K Mobile Game Controller Powerbank you can pull out the built in kickstand. It’s a nice touch for when you need to place your phone down from a long gaming session. I’ve had a chance to play PUBG, COD Mobile, Fortnite, and many other games while using this controller. Turning your phone into a controller just feels a lot more natural. Its almost console like.

Bottom Line

Look the Anker PowerCore Play 6K Mobile Game Controller Powerbank is a must get. For only $40 dollars this will not only make gaming on your phone a lot more enjoyable, but can give your phone a charge on the go. It’s also very light weight and portable enough to carry it in your pocket if need be. Don’t even hesitate on this one and grab yours here. And by the way it even comes with a nice 18 month warranty!

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