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Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker has some great high def sound and bass. For those not familiar with Aomais they have some of the coolest looking designed speakers I have personally ever seen. This is a mid price range speaker that is great for outdoors, a bathroom, living room, office, or bed room. It is actually water proof and comes in 5 different colors. This little speaker was everything we expected and more which is not meant to be a spoiler alert, but honestly its pretty awesome. You can see some of the live video we did on it below.

The first thing we want to cover on the Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker is its great build and design. Its crafted in the shape of a ball and comes in blue, black, turquoise, red, and grey. We chose to go with blue this time around and it looks excellent. This speaker weighs around 9 ounces, and comes with an attach on accessory that’s pretty nifty. The attachment can be used for a back pack or shower overhead.

As far as the sound quality it was impressive. This little speaker definitely had some bass to it which you could see in our video above. We also did a water test on it to see how it would play, and it definitely held its own which was nice to see. Its not a good thing when someone tells you a speaker is waterproof and it actually isnt. That wasn’t the case with the Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker, and once it dried it still played perfectly.

The price point on this speaker is around $30.00 which seems extremely fair for what your getting. This is a great accessory to carry around since its so light weight, but also good for just about anything. Pairing this speaker is very easy, and once done it even talks to you a little. To wrap things up it also comes with a nice 1 year warranty.

With some closing comments on our Aomais Ball Bluetooth Speaker review we think this company impresses with just about every new speaker they release. This is a mid range well designed speaker that comes in 5 different colors, very durable to with stand drops, is waterproof, and also comes with some super great high def sound / bass. We highly recommend checking this one out as you can also check out some of there other offerings here as well.

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