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Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

by Fliptroniks

In our Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker review we will be going over some of the many reasons this speaker is freaking awesome. The thing that always stands out the most about this brand is the well thought out custom design of there speakers. Out of all the designs you will see Aomais is easily one of the best out there in terms of style. We will also have some live footage below of us using this speaker, but we would like to first point out some of the top benefits to using this beast of a speaker.

1. Its impossible for your eyes not to notice the Aomais Go Bluetooth speaker design. It has a rubber and matte finish design that can easily with stand drops and scratches. This speaker could easily take a beating and still be in perfect shape. It has a nice grip handle which it makes it nice for using both in and outdoors. It currently comes in 3 different colors which are black, blue, and red.

2. This is also a waterproof speaker that can be submerged in water for up to 33 feet for 30 minutes. While we did not try this we did dump a bucked of water on it and test it out in the video below. What we found was that the sound on this speaker was completely in tact and had no issues what so ever.

3. The Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker also comes with a built in power bank to charge your phone. This is a very cool feature you won’t see on other speakers. It has a built in 7200mah battery that can last up to 30 hours on a full charge. The overall weight of this speaker is also fairly light at around 10 ounces.

4. We should probably talk about the sound on Aomais which is amazing. Its a bit of a bigger speaker, but with size comes more power. The bass on here was very impressive and great for a party or the occasional bedroom music blast. You could even throw this in your shower if you wanted too since its waterproof. To top things off it currently comes with a 12 month warranty.

In some closing comments on our Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker review we definitely think this product is a win. It has a beautiful custom design unlike any other speaker, waterproof for up to 33 feet for over 30 minutes, a built in power bank to charge your phone, and some of the best quality sound for listening to music. You can also check out some of the live footage on this one below.


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