Apps That Round Up Change

If your looking for an app that rounds up change look no further than Acorns. As of right now they currently have over 5 million plus members worldwide. I have personally been a member for the last 2 years, and have seen the app improve with updates over time. You can earn money passively with this app which is why so many people are currently using it. As we get into some of the benefits to using them you can also check out our video review directly below.

One of the biggest benefits to using an app like Acorns is that it invests money for you. You simply have to put money into it via regular deposits, or you can setup card roundups. For anyone looking for an app that rounds up change that is exactly what Acorns does. For example if you connect your credit card and buy a coffee for $2.80, it will take the remaining .20 cents and invest it for you.

You might be asking where does the money go exactly? Good question, they invest money into low risk mutual funds and ETF’s. You can choose how aggressive you want your portfolio to be with 6 different setting choices.

I have always kept mine at the most aggressive setting and seen very good results. In my first year using the app I made close to 6 percent on the money I had in it. The year after that it was around 3.5 percent. Still not bad since I did this without having to actively trade.

I truly believe that apps that round up change are great for everyone. They help automate saving money without having to actually do anything. Acorns basically makes this a set and forget deal. You can also consider yourself an investor as soon as money goes into the app. If you enjoyed learning about Acorns we also recommend using Digit when it comes to saving.

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