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Are The Apple Airpods 3 Worth It?

So, are the AirPods 3 worth it? Well, the biggest change for the AirPods 3 is the new design, which heavily resembles the AirPods Pro, but without the replaceable ear tips. So even if the AirPods 1 or 2 didn’t fit your ears, it’s likely the AirPods 3 will.

New Design

What’s also interesting is that Apple says it conducted a ton of user research when designing the third generation AirPods involving thousands of ear scans, heat maps, and so on. It made sure they basically wouldn’t fall off your ears and hit the floor. Now, the first thing I wanted to touch on was battery life. And the good news is that the charging case on the AirPods 3 gives you around 30 hours of total listening time. And in total, the AirPods will last for six hours when fully charged.

More Features

The other thing I like about them is noise cancellation is slightly better than last year’s AirPods. And the AirPods 3 are also packed with more iOS features such as instant pairing with iOS devices, MagSafe functionality, improved call quality in FaceTime calls.

The last thing I wanted to say is that they’re $180, but there is an alternative out there, the Beats Studio Buds. Which released earlier this year. I wanted to pull those up for you guys. You could look at them here, and they were some of my favorite earbuds The good news is that they’re also slightly cheaper if you’re not sure if you want to spend $180 on the AirPods 3.

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