BC Master Iphone Lens Review

In our bc master iphone lens review we will be covering some of the many benefits to this slick accessory. For those of you who are into iphone photography these types of accessories give you close up shots to capture more detail, and also give you more wide angled shots as well. In other words using a lens will step your photography game up more then a few notches. Before we get into this we would also like to mention we have some live footage of this thing in actual use below. We would also appreciate if you subscribed to us on youtube for more helpful tech tips and tricks.

1. The bc master iphone lens has an extremely nice build to it. It is made of aluminum alloy, and has easy to grip features on the sides of it. It also has a protective lens cap for both the front and back of it when your not actually using it. Overall the build on this is absolutely quality.

2. At 15x zoom on this you will be able to capture much more detail on any pictures you take. This is also great since it will allow you to stay away from the auto zoom feature which can often make things look super grainy. It can also help you take much further shots without compromising the quality as well.

3. Another great thing about the bc master iphone lens is that you will have the ability to get those super wide angle shots. This will help you capture much more of any picture you take. We have an image below of exactly how this will end up looking, but one thing for sure this is awesome.

4. The bc master iphone lens also has a protective coating on the front glass to help protect against finger print smudges and scratches. Even though it comes with the protective cap this is another great feature for using this lens.

5. One last thing we would like to mention about this accessory is that it uses an easy to snap on clip on. When attaching this to the back of your iphone it will stay firmly in place even when you shake it a little. This is another great benefit to going with the bc master iphone lens. You can see some of our live footage below on using it.

Overall if your thinking about getting a lens to step up your photography game the bc master iphone lens is a high quality camera accessory. It has a great build being made of aluminum alloy, scratch proof glass, easy clip on, and will give you super wide angle shots. Another great thing about this item is that it will be good for many years to come, and can also be used across multiple devices. We absolutely give the bc master iphone lens a go which you can check out here.

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